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Reigndear – Hurse [MUSIC]



Reigndear are a 3 piece experimental psychedelic folk band officially founded in Taiwan, January 2007, by South African brothers Kent Dylan & Wesley Jay as well as lifelong friend and multi-instrumentalist/producer Johnny Atterbury. Reigndear are a band who believe in the profound effects of music and they create a blend of music that is best described as “a nostalgic look at the present through the past & future” Starting January 2009 Reigndear began touring as a live duet in and around the greater Johannesburg area playing acclaimed venues such as The Bohemian, Tanz Cafe & Voodoo Lounge. In December 2009 Reigndear left Johannesburg for the sunny shores of Cape Town for four months, where they have been playing gigs at venues such as Zula, The Purple Turtle, Boo Radley’s & The Royal Albert Hall.  The band also released their first EP that same year and continued to travel to Taiwan and the United States to work on and promote their music.



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Chianosky – “Sick Sick” [VIDEO]


Eighteen year old Chianosky has just released her catchy radio single, Sick-Sick.  Labeled as neo-jazz, the track has influences of electronic, jazz and pop.  I’m excited to see what lies ahead for this multi-talented musician.  She fell in love with music at the age of 10 and pursued her dream by transferring to The National Academy of the Arts to study contemporary music, while modeling for Star Model Management.  Originally from Cape Town, but now residing in Johannesburg, Chianosky is a promising young artist, I hope to hear many more tracks like Sick-Sick on the airwaves in South Africa and abroad.


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Interview with Double Adapter [INTERVIEW]

Double Adapter

Recently I was lucky enough to be be able to interview Double Adapter, a thrash electro band out of South Africa.  The Johannesburg based duo has played at venues across South Africa, and just completed their European tour Adapt or Die.  Dan and Tim are fun loving, extremely talented artists, who are passionate about both their music and visual art.  Read on to learn more…

When did you start playing musical instruments and how many do you play?
Dan: I’m a bit musically challenged to be honest. I tried my hand at drums and guitar when I was younger but nothing really stuck, I guess I’m visually minded. I do however play a mean Ukulele.

Tim: I play quite a few instruments, but generally stick to the basics of guitar/bass/piano/drums…

How do you describe the genre of thrash electro and what inspires you to create this type of music?

Dan: Thrash electro was kind of a progression for me, I love indie electro, pop, hard rock and metal respectively, and all those elements together do give you a sense of what thrash electro is. It gets me excited and I think that’s the goal of dance music.

Tim: Yeah trash and thrash electro definitely inspires me in that is crosses a lot of boundaries – I love it that is bridges the gap between rock and dance music, it basically joins people from different music styles together.

What drove you to pursue a career in music and what is it that fosters your creativity?

Dan: Double Adapter is a passion; we love doing what we do. I am actually studying Film and Fine Art, as I said I’m visually minded and film, photography and art in all forms inspires me equally to music.

Tim: I also work in visual mediums too, owning a film production company, but I think the music thing bit pretty early for me and was hard to get away from – it’s quite an addiction. I’m really inspired by all new music I hear, strangely especially by pop music, which has strong reliance on melody – I love melody.
Where did the idea of a documentary come from?  Was the process what you expected?

Tim: Well coming from my film side, the documentary kinda just happened because we knew we could pull it off… after the tour had been booked we kind of just had this realization that documenting it would be a rally fun and interesting project. Luckily my good friend Matthew Stonier from Mustard Post Production was able to come along for the trip, and create the awesome visuals you see in the documentary. I think the goal was to figure out how different the European and South African scenes are, and I think SA came off looking really strong.
What were some highlights from your European tour?

Dan: I loved Holland, its always been a dream to go there, traveling to a festival in Italy through the Alps was amazing and hanging out in Munich, my Joburg away from Joburg, was a really great experience.

Tim: I love German beer! Haha

Double Adapter

What kind of things do you do to promote yourself?

Dan: I guess at the end of the day performing is the best way to promote yourself, and the most fun.

Tim: But that said, we’re also pretty active on twitter and facebook, we do as many interviews as we possibly can, and we LOVE creating little video clips and taking photo’s of things we’re doing…
What are your thoughts on the future of the music industry and where do you see it going?

Dan: I believe collaboration is definitely the way forward, which is something that we love doing. The SA music scene is constantly growing and changing and it really exciting to see and be a part of.

Tim: Its a good future, but its not what a lot of record labels and major artists thought it was going to be 10 years ago I think, the real future for musicians is in gigging and being seen, and creating music to be heard, almost as advertising rather than a profit stream. The whole industry is also moving away from commercial studios and into bedrooms and home studios, which is awesome, because we’re seeing talent come from places where it wouldn’t have survived in the old formal music industry.
What are your reasons for being an independent artist?

Tim: We haven’t been signed yet! Haha. That’s not strictly true – we take it one step at a time. I don’t think we’re dead set on being independent, we’re just dead set on doing our best to make the right choices when we can, not let people that like what we’re doing down, and get our show and sounds into the ears of new people – if that’s with a label, or independently, its something we take seriously.
What struggles have you faced with getting your music heard and getting your name recognized by outside markets?

Tim: Luckily for us, we haven’t really faced any, because we haven’t really tried! Double Adapter is about us doing what we love – we’ll keep doing it regardless of any growth rate or crowd sizes or other hurdles. This isn’t about fame, this isn’t about glory, its about playing the most fun parties we can, and making the people at those parties happy – luckily, it seems that that passion has opened some doors, so we’ll sit tight, be patient and see what comes our way! That said, we do have amazing support from our manager, Dominique Gawlowski at Griet and our publicist Rachelle Crous at Rachelle Crous Publicity – without them recognizing something they like in us, we totally wouldn’t be doing most of the things we’re doing right now…

Check out part 1 of their documentary here.

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Jumping Back Slash – Shosholozaaaaaaa [MUSIC]

Jumping Back Slash

Kwaito music has traditional roots in South Africa, beginning in Johannesburg in the 1990s.  It’s a variant of house music that uses African sounds and samples.  An awesome musician that recently caught my attention, Jumping Back Slash, has been producing kwaito house music that mixes up lively traditional songs with classic US house.  Check out this sick track, I expect great things from this artist in the future!



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Eyes Like Mirrors – “Pastel” [MUSIC]

Eyes Like Mirrors

Eyes Like Mirrors formed as a trio in Johannesburg in 2008, creating their own blend of post rock music.  Focusing on guitar driven instrumentals, the band was inspired by acts such as Explosions in The Sky, Mono and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.  In 2010 Eyes Like Mirrors expanded to include Ben Rausch who used a keytar to trigger and manipulate visuals during live performances.  Check out their track Pastel, or if you’re in South Africa their EP Crusades is in stores now!


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Tumi and the Volume – “Asinamali” [VIDEO]

Tumi and the Volume

Tanzanian-born Tumi Molekane lived in exile with his parents until 1992, when the family returned to Soweto, South Africa. Beginning his rap career as MC Fatboy of P.E.R.M., a nine-member crew that included producer Richard The 3rd, the group released APT: An Artistic Representation of Truth in 2001. The following year Tumi released his solo EP, A Dream Led To This, on Australian label Nuffsaid Recordings.  Tumi would go on to become a household name in South Africa with his creative partnership with afro-fusion Mozambican expats 340 mL, combining to form Tumi & The Volume after a series of jam sessions in 2001. Releasing their debut album in 2004 – the live recording At The Bassline – the group was nominated for three SAMAs (South African Music Awards), including Best Group and Best Rap Album.  Currently the band is on tour in South Africa promoting their 3rd album, Pick a Dream.



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Blk Jks – “Summertime” [VIDEO]

Blk Jks

Founded in 2000 in Johannesburg, the indie rock act BLK JKS is comprised of guitarists Lindani Buthelezi and Mpumi Mcata, who grew up together in Joburg’s East Rand, and Soweto natives Molefi Makananise (bass) and Tshepang Ramoba (drums).  BLK JKS made their international recording debut in 2007 with a self-released limited-edition 10″ vinyl release of the single “Lakeside”. In 2008 BLK JKS were offered a recording contract with Secretly Canadian during a DJ tour.  Since then they’ve played at festivals throughout South Africa, Europe and the US. Check out their video of Summertime.


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Double Adapter – “Adapt or Die” [MUSIC NEWS] [DOCUMENTARY]

From their beginnings in 2009, Double-Adapter have been blurring the line between DJs and ‘live acts’ with their high-energy audiovisual performances. Signing with Griet Artists in 2010, they’ve surpassed the confines of the Joburg/Pretoria nexus with regular forays into Cape Town.  On April 14th 2011, they embarked on their first European tour playing in Holland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Italy and Germany, while filming a documentary that follows the chaotic steps of the brothers.  It will show African and world audiences that South African artists are here to stay. The documentary takes the shape of six 1-minute video inserts that sum up the experience of each gig, and two 24 minute specials that together create one 48 minute show. It’s raw but cinematic. It’s rock and roll.  Double-Adapter will be launching the first episode of the documentary at the Assembly tonight.   Adapt Or Die episode one premieres tonight at 21h00 and episode two on June 3rd 21h00 – only on MK. You can also watch the performance inserts on YouTube. See you tonight!

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Us Kids Know – “Parachute Pants” [MUSIC]

Us Kids Know are Johannesburg-based trio Colin von Berg (guitar), Chad Polley (drums, effects pedal, glockenspiel, whistle) and Cameron Lowry (bass, toys, glockenspiel, percussion). Together they make an instrumental surf rock/afrobeat hybrid.  They have been touring around South Africa recently, playing at venues in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  If you get the chance stop by and see a show I’ve heard great things about their live performance.

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Lethal Li – “Eye Con” [MUSIC]

Lithal Li embodies the spirit of empowered Cape Town hip-hop. she finds a balance between the deep-down swagger of backpack rap and the beautiful sonics of soul.  Having been an active emcee for some time now, she had some time last year to work at the Red Bull Studio on a solo EP. Take a listen to the full EP, “Eye Con”, on soundcloud, which harks back to the classic sounds of 90’s underground hip-hop.

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