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Milo Greene “The Hello Sessions” [NEW MUSIC]

Early on in my concert going career I found myself saying “yea, they won’t go on until 9.  We can skip the opener.  Blah, blah blah…”  Nowadays I say “I have to get out of work early so I can get down to the club and see the opener.”  In this case the club was LA’s Troubadour and the opening band was Milo Greene.  I was there to see Lord Huron who I have the biggest musical hard on for right about now so I was already amped for the show, but Milo Greene impressed me beyond belief.

1957 – Milo Greene

For those wondering this is how the band got together:

andrew knew marlana; he met robbie and curtis in school, and was introduced to graham at the greene house. andrew is milo greene.

marlana knew andrew; she was introduced to curtis, doesn’t remember how she met robbie, and welcomed graham into the greene house. marlana is milo greene.

graham met robbie over sushi; he was introduced to marlana, curtis  and andrew at the greene house. graham is milo greene.

curtis and robbie and andrew were school friends; robbie introduced graham to curtis, and andrew introduced curtis to marlana. curtis is milo greene

robbie met andrew and curtis at school; robbie introduced graham to marlana, curtis and andrew at the greenehouse. robbie is milo greene

who is milo greene?

Milo Greene is kinda like Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish.  He doesn’t actually exist, but he makes for a really cool band name.  This band is very young but the fact they came together in such an organic fashion is interesting and it definitely shows in their music and live shows.  They have only released two songs.  One of which is “1957” and the other is “Don’t You Give Up On Me,” which I will post below.  Right off the bat I hear the influences of today’s LA music scene.  A little bit of Local Natives (o.k. fine a lot-a-bit) and maybe a little Edward Sharpe (o.k. fine not really a lot at all) brewing together creating fantastic harmonies and a light pleasant listening experience.  These two songs are driven by  poppy drums/ rim shots (gotta love those rim shots) and the airy guitars that support the out standing vocal efforts.  When I saw them live I was pretty blown away by the harmonies.  It drew me closer to the stage and I guess if they can do that with just their voices imagine what they will do when they put out a full length release.

Don’t You Give Up On Me – Milo Greene

I’m excited about this band.  They are playing a couple local LA shows, most of which are FREE.  Their tour page is HERE and you can download those two tracks for FREE HERE.

Do yourself a favor and try to get there for the opener.  You never know what you’ll stumble upon.  I can guarentee one thing.  I won’t be missing many openeres especially if they happen to be named Milo Grenne.

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2011 Record Store Day!!! [EVENT]

record store day

It’s the third Saturday of April and as of 2007 that now means only one thing to the music world; It’s Record Store Day! The day was founded by a group of independent record store owners with the promotional help of many artists in the industry they were able to spread the word quickly and reach what is now close to 1000 participating stores worldwide. So get some of your loot together and go support the arts with the purchase a creatively designed album with your favorite tunes to match. Simply visit their homepage and you can search for a participating record store by you. 2011 has a whole slew of independent vinyls to offer this year so we’ll  start by throwing a couple of our personal favorites out there to get you started.

of montreal – ‘The controller sphere’

of montreal the controller sphere

lord huron – ‘mighty’ ep

Lord Huron Mighty EP

aloe blacc – ‘you make me smile’

You Make Me Smile 12"

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Lord Huron “The Mighty EP””Into The Sun EP” [MUSIC][VIDEO]


It’s not everyday when your sitting at your computer ready to go out and chow down on some Chinese food when your buddy IM’s you commanding you to listen to something like Lord Huron.

It’s not everyday (or ever) that I listen too two or three songs from a band and immediately buy tickets to their show at the Troubadour in LA… and the show’s in May.  And oh yea they’ve only released seven tunes.  What?

The rhythms are fresh.  Think Vampire Weekend, but on Neptune.  The harmonies are euphoric, think Grizzly Bear or Fleet Foxes, but on friggin’ Mars.  Lord Huron is doing everything right in my book and people are starting to notice.  I don’t think it could have been put much better than in a recent LA weekly article:

It was the kind of music you would expect from a beachside resort on a distant planet far far away. —LA Weekly

This band has released two EP’s.  The first one is called ‘Mighty’EP (four songs) and the second one is called ‘Into the Sun’ EP (three songs).  Here is the title tracks from Lord Huron’s ‘Mighty’ EP and ‘Into the Sun’ EP.

Mighty – Lord Huron

Into the Sun – Lord Huron

Lord Huron is the brain child of Ben Schneider.  Originally from Michigan, Ben traveled globally and initially settled on LA to hone is skills as a visual artist.

Cover created by Ben Schneider for ‘Into the Sun’ EP

After all the travel, he returned to Michigan to record his second EP, Mighty. Both short-players were recorded completely on his own, but he recently gathered a full band in Los Angeles made up entirely of fellow Michaganers. One, Schneider’s childhood friend Mark Barry, drove across the country from Nashville, where he worked as a studio drummer. They’re joined by electric guitars, bass, theremin and other electronic effects. — Paste

His fascination with calypso music and also the polyrhythmic music of Bali and Indonesia where he traveled is very evident in Lord Huron’s music.  Its refreshing to hear such complex sounding music that eases you into a state of relaxation.  Here is the third track from Lord Huron’s ‘Into the Sun’ EP.

We Went Wild – Lord Huron

The global influences are definitely evident in the sound of these records but the lyrics and harmonies are very much rooted in American folk music.  Think folks sounds of Laurel Canyon for the digital era.  A good example of this is the last track on the ‘Mighty’ EP called “When Will I See You Again.”

When Will I See You Again – Lord Huron

The simplicity of acoustic guitars, vocals with enough reverb to make Thom Yorke cry and drums that seem to be flown in from the Caribbean are what you can expect when you see/ hear Lord Huron.  He/ they have been making music publicly for less than a year.  For me, to have something like this dropped in my lap made my night and made my Chinese food taste a little less greasy.

The rumor mill says they tore it up at SXSW this past week.  So I guess this is a call to action to listen to Lord Huron.  This band has a refreshing and relaxing sound and with a current tour in the works and a show at LA’s Troubadour on May 14th I know we are definitely going to hear a lot from Lord Huron, hopefully it will come in full length LP form.

Here is a link to the video for the tune “The Stranger” from the ‘Mighty’ EP

Stranger – Lord Huron

You can buy both EPs from Lord Huron’s site here. (iTune)

Here are links to the great LA Weekly and Paste articles I found.

Ok fine here’s one more tune.

Son of a Gun – Lord Huron

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC