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Chamillionaire Interview on ThisWeekIn.com [VIDEO]

Venture Capitalist, Mark Suster from Both Sides Of The Table VC Firm meets with Grammy winning rapper, Chamillionaire. Hear his side of entrepreneurship and marketing saavy and how he used this knowledge to leverage a successful career on his own in the music industry. Being a very honest person, Chamillionaire gives some great insight concerning all of the strings attached with involvement in the music industry and the business world all together. Also learn how social media can be leveraged from a artist and venture capitalist perspective to maintain a stable connection to your overall consumer base.

Excerpt from my Book-in-progress – The Technological Garden Is Growing: Marketing In The Data Capture Era

This is an excerpt from a short book I’m working on right now called The Technological Garden Is Growing: Marketing In The Data Capture Era. It talks about how online technologies are evolving, and the impact that will have on marketing and a host of other areas in our every day lives. I walk through what’s wrong with current models today, what will change, and the results these changes will have. It will be a great guide to get people on the right track for when it comes to marketing in this new emerging technological environment, and trust me, it’s right around the corner. This excerpt is from the end of section/chapter 2:

I haven’t even talked at all yet about Beat-Play, the website I’m working on right now, which is basically the first step to creating this model. Beat-play is a music social network where you will have a radio that finally utilizes your existing network to recommend songs to you. I’m an indie artist too, and I needed a better promotion method myself, hence where all of this stems from.
Basically on Beat-Play, to find music, you follow people who you share a taste in music with. It could be your friends, your family, favorite artists, teachers, heroes, or whoever else offers their playlists to you. Once you follow them, if they like a song enough to save into one of their playlists, it automatically gets sent to your radio, with you having a number of options for how to sort the music that gets played. Also, if you like a song enough to save to your playlist, it automatically gets sent to anyone following you. Not only does this mean that all of the music you hear is approved by someone that you trust first, and that it’s suggested for you automatically without wasting any time searching, but for the artists that deserve your attention, it’s an incredibly effective form of free promotion and distribution for their music. Now I hope you can see where I’m going when I say the future of marketing.
Think of a world where when you type in a search, the results are already filtered by people for you, to get you the most specific results for what you’re looking for, and fast. Imagine a world where no time would need to be spent rooting through piles of content online, and the countless hours that would be saved. Not only that, think about that time being used to intake information. The learning process throughout life overall would become extremely accelerated. For anyone wanting to market a product, the playing field would then be completely leveled as well, being that social recommendation is essentially automatic word of mouth, leaving room for only the best products to rise to the top, and the worst products to be phased out. All of a sudden knowing the right people and having the biggest budget aren’t defining factors of a company’s success, and competition would finally demand innovation.

I will have this book available online for free some time this August. Check back for an exact date.

Written by: Dante Cullari  Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

It’s About Time Advertisers Started Being Useful

This was the Aircel ad in Mumbai with an real inflatable boat attached to it, the Slogan was “In case of emergency, cut the rope.”

July 15, 2009 there was flooding in Mumbai and people did exactally what was written on the billboard ad, they cut lose the rope

Big brands and advertisers need to offer their customers something in exchange for doing the marketing for them. It’s time ads were actually useful at least.

Word of mouth is the single biggest spreader of anything, hands down. If you don’t believe me, check out this quote I found in Seth Godin’s book, Idea Virus: “You cannot sell a man who isn’t listening; word of mouth is the best medium of all; and dullness won’t sell your product, but neither will irrelevant brilliance.” – Bill Bernbach, former dean of American Advertising. I don’t think this quote could be any more true, even though it’s over 20 years old.

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Myspace: Don’t Waste Your Time!

MusicWithoutLabels believes that any social networking platform, if used properly and maintained proficiently, can be used to effectively promote a brand, a band, a business, etc. Studies have shown social media platforms can increase brand recognition, promote constructive criticism, and create exposure. These platforms also allow the user to create an intimate, more personal connection with fans and new listeners. Facebook, at the moment, is creating the most buzz and will hold that crown for the immediate future. As with all technology, fads come, Twitter, and they go, Myspace.

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The Top 12 Reasons Not to Sign to a Label

1. Loss of Rights – If you’re a new act, almost 95% of the time, if you want that big label contract, you have to sign over your publishing rights. This is a HUGE problem. Basically, anything you write, which by just the pen touching the paper, or finger touching the key, is automatically copyrighted, you are giving directly to the Label so they can go make more money off of it than you do. Now some people may make the argument that without the label you couldn’t make any money at all, but with the internet getting more and more sophisticated, this will get less and less true, which is already the case for some. ie: Lisa Lavie

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5 Tips for Advertisers to Better Engage Their Customers

In the world of real-time updates, and endless barrages of information, it’s more important than ever for companies to engage with their customers. Online marketing is one of the best ways to do this. This means keeping a couple of things in mind.

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Retail in the Recession – How Ecommerce could Trounce Walmart

This is a response to a great question that I received on one of my posts: 10 Sure as Sun Predictions for the next 20 years in Tech.

I’m posting this for two reasons. One is I think it is a very interesting and important topic for many people, and I feel it could help guide people towards making the right decisions with their businesses in the midst of this recession.

The other reason is I am in Colombia interviewing designers for Beat-Play, but there are so many independent artists out here that we’ve connected with that could benefit from the site, that we decided to host an event to explain the concepts to about 90 bands in the Medellin area..and I am extremely busy!

Reader Question: In your opinion is retail still impacted by recession? January sales looked good, however it seems there is cautious optimism with many retailers in the throes of recession. Wal-Mart has just fired close to 14,000 employees! What is your opinion?

Well I think that ecommerce and online retail will play a huge role in actually leveling out the recession in the future. As organizational tools for consumers get more advanced online, you will see a huge shift in the way retail businesses operate.

Imagine if you want to shop for something, there is one website that you go to. Any and all retail stores can have a page on this site. You go to your profile on that site and it shows you all of your saved stores for your favorite types of products ie: clothes, shoes, computers ect.

If you want to find new stores, new products, or new deals, you type in a couple of keywords. Say in the shoes category, I type in comfortable, running, wide and low cut. Then a page listing all of the stores that sell shoes matching those descriptions will come up. You can sort this page in many different ways, such as the stores closest to you, by price, or consumer ratings. Consumers can leave their own tags, or descriptions of products too, so that other consumers who are looking for similar descriptions can find them more easily.

You can also see where your freinds shop and what products they liked. This site will allow you to compare prices instantly, and also talk to someone in person through video chat, if needed. Consumers would help play a role in marketing. With this system, Walmart would not have as much of an edge in the market.

People very often complain that Walmart’s push little stores out of business, which is very true, because it is a one-stop-shop, and they’re cheaper. With the system I’m talking about, small businesses would not have to pay the overhead for a physical store, just the cost for stock storage. In fact, proximity will have no effect on a person’s store choice anymore, because they are all equally accessable online, plus the local store’s products would deliver to your house that day.

Also, with this system, promotion and advertising would not be necessary. It will exist, but only to distinguish a brand, not to introduce you to one, because with this tag system, if I’m looking for something that you provide, I will find you. These two decreases in cost for a retailer would leave more room for smaller businesses to compete with Walmart on prices. Also customer service will play a larger role in purchase decisions in retail.

The biggest thing people ask me is what about clothes? If I can’t try them on how do I know if they’ll look good? Well there’s some really cool technology out now that uses a customer’s webcam, takes measurements, makes a real 3d model of the person, and then displays the clothes on that person, giving very accurate accounts of how a certain piece of clothing will fit a particular person.

I just wanted to paint this picture for you. The truth is this system is possible, and its’s way more practical than the current one, so I am about 95% certain that it will catch on. This is also an example of how the internet can decrease overhead and increase frequency and reach of a business. I believe that if these effects are spread out across the board, and in many different industries, that it will be enough to stimulate the economy and help jump-start us towards where we want to be. I can see this emerging in the next 5-10 years, and really having an impact within 7-15.

The internet is the solution to 90% of the big problems we face as a society today. The 10% left are caused by people, who just haven’t realized the potential of the internet to really have this positive effect in almost every aspect of our lives. However the internet is young, and I know that there are people like myself developing tools like this right now. People will catch on soon enough. Until then, the most important thing to worry about is quality products, and value to consumers. That’s what will distinguish brands in the future. Hope this helped!

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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