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Behind The Board -Filippo Gaetani [Interview]

Q01 Who are you, What do you do & where are you based?

My name is Filippo Gaetani, I am an independent producer-mixer working across Europe and US/CAN.

I mostly live between Tuscany-Italy and Vienna-Austria.

Q02 What album,track,gig or producer inspired you to end up behind a mixing board

Back then when I was 13/14 ? and later…Producers: George Martin, Trevor Horn, Tony Visconti, Al Schmitt…, Phil Spector..

Albums which made want to record music ? mmm, The Beatles White Album, Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, Paul Mccartney Ram, The Yes Album…John Lennon Imagine, Peter Gabriel 1 and 2, Zappa-One Size Fits All and many others i suppose.

Q03 Where did you study your trade?

Learned recording with an old Revox b77 reel to reel doing almost infinite guitar, bass, vocals and percussion overdubbing in mono. Recording my friend’s bands while they were rehearsing, assisting-engineering in studios in northern Italy and arranging horns and string sections.

Q04 What advice do you have for any budding engineers out there?

Do it only if you have a strong passion. Fall in love with yours and with someone else’s sound visions. If it doesn’t happen, it ain’t your thing.

Q05 What people in the biz do you look up to or aspire to be like?

Being like..I dont know. Sometimes human beings reserve weird surprises when you meet them personally.

From the professional point of view, yes I have a few..

I can tell you my biggest icons , artists and producers.. the ones still alive, who I would like to meet: Trevor Horn, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Tchad Blake, Chris Squire, maybe Jon Brion. I also admire the work of Mark Ronson, Nick Launay, Daniel Lanois and Ken Andrews was a relatively recent inspiration.

Q06 Analog or Digital? Tape or DAW? Outboard or Plugin?

Both, Both, Both

Q07 What 3 pieces of gear could you not live without?

An Apogee converter, an Api lunchbox, AKG 414

Q08 What do you think is the best mixed record of all time?
Hard to say if it’s the mix. We sometime say..the best sounding one..
Almost impossible to pick one…
Let’s try among these
Fiona Apple – When The Pawn..
Me Shell Ndegeocello –  Peace Beyond Passion
Boston – Boston
Failure – Fantastic Planet
Beatles – White album & Abbey Road
John Mayer – Continuum
mmm…I am forgetting something important for sure
Q09 What do you do on your downtime from Studio/Live?
I love cooking, eating great food,.. i am a movie freak, i do some video work with final cut, i play with my kids, i love swimming and playing football
Q10 If you werent an enginneer, what would you be doing instead?

Architect, or Movie maker/director

Q11 What was your 1st professional album,mix/master job?

As an engineer/mixer..I believe it was Barbara Casini -Todo o Amor, a beautiful brazilian music song collection.

Q12 What is some of the recent works you’ve been part of?

Adrina Thorpe, SheLoom, My Excellence, Martin Klein, Peter Doran, Jessie Grace, Russell Morgan (upcoming)…

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland | @shaynewithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC