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KING OLA – “Rain & Pleasure” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

King OLA rain and pleasure

It’s your boy KING OLA out of Atlanta, Georgia with another sweet mix for the ears. He was goin for the baby makin’ grooves on this one and he puts it ever so nicely, “This is something you turn down, or off, the lights and get down to business with.” Please enjoy the new mix and catch the full-length download or individual track download below. And I almost forgot, but this is clearly the Friday List styl-E.

King OLA back cover

Download Full

Download Multi-track

The Tarantino Mixtape – Eclectic Method Mix [Video]

Tarantino movies in Eclectic Method’s blender. Dirty mix.



Girl Talk Decoded [Infographic]

Here’s an awesome infographic  from tiffany farrant that at least attempts at decoding Girl Talk‘s latest creations. Pretty cool, check it out:

Here’s another awesome one that plays the music:  mashupbreakdown.com

Also Download Girl Talk’s All Day Here