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MC Subcon – “If I Never Make It” [VIDEO]

Badass new video by Denver hiphop MC Subcon with “If I Never Make It”. Steppin’ it up with the production brings a clean sound that fits perfectly with the Subcon flow. Get a look at this video along with another video he just released called “Escape”.

Introducing… MC Subcon [MUSIC]

Subconscious is defined as existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond conscious awareness. The Denver based hip-hop recording artist Subconscious (Sub) has been described as, “The Criteria for Realness in the Hip-Hop Underground.” -Nathanial Long, Hip Hop Linguistics. Here is a cool track MC Subcon sent me awhile back entitled, “Real Lyrics” off the album, “Antitoxin”.

Real Lyrics

Sub has shared the stage with acts such as: Nappy Roots, Eyedea & Abilities, People Under The Stairs, Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads), Brain (Primus & GNR), Blackbyrd McKnight (Miles Davis), TM Stevens (James Brown), The Procussions, P.O.S., Grayskul, 40oz To Freedom, Xololanxinxo (Mexican Descent), Kwel, Dirty Digital, Sherlock Poems (L.A. Symphony) and many others.