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Major Lazer ft. Andy Milonakis – “Zumbi” [VIDEO]

Found this one while searching around on the vimeo network for some Major Lazer videos. Love the electronic reggae beats he’s been pumpin out and was lookin for a jumpin’ track to kick the weekend off with. Just happened to come across this hilarious song he did with Andy Milonakis and SlothVision. So whether you’re looking to dance and sit back and have a laugh, Major Lazer and Andy will take care of that with ‘Zumbi’

King OLA – “Viva Las Gidi” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Another jumpin’ party mix from your boy, KING OLA with ‘Viva Las Gidi’ blending a great compilation of the most recent Afrobeat tracks. This is a 57 minute jam right here, so I advise you to turn the speakers up and kick it. Please enjoy the entire mix below:

Download Full Mix

Download MultiTrack

Don’t Blame the Youth – We, DBTY – Volume 1 – World Techno/House EP – Free Full Preview

This is simply huge! To celebrate the sounds they love, DBTY decided to put together a nice, big release with the artists they dig, have worked with or want to work with the coming year.

You’ll find some epic world bass, tight house beats, and most of all, a big bunch of dance floor bangers on this EP. The line up makes is ridiculous. They’ve got some of last years most celebrated djs in there, raw talent! All courtesy of us, the DBTY Fam – enjoy!

Full Playlist: http://soundcloud.com/dbty/sets/dbty-records-10-we-dbty-volume-1/

DBTY is a family and a movement.

DBTY is a label, a blog, and an international dj-crew consisting of several members from Stockholm and France. They mix, produce and remix Baltimore, world techno, house and juke with the purest passion.

Their Djs Vem’Detta, Hollydjee, Low Pee, Legobeat, Pier, Scisqo, Sticky Stockholm are awesome. They simply want to make people dance, drink and pump their fists.

You have GOT to also check out one of their older mix eps: PARKLIFE BENCH COMP on mixcloud.

TOBACCO – Stretch Your Face [VIDEO]

This beat is just killin’ it! It would sound unbelievable with someone spittin’ over the beat like NAS or Eminem. Will someone take this loop, write a verse to it, and send it to us at Beat-Play, LLC for promotion. Please click the image above for more from TOBACCO. Dirty track, enjoy:

The Tarantino Mixtape – Eclectic Method Mix [Video]

Tarantino movies in Eclectic Method’s blender. Dirty mix.