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Elephant Stone – “A Morning Song” [MUSIC]

Elephant Stone by Galit RodanPhotography by GALIT RODAN
So I stumbleupon this really cool website today called SoutherSouls.ca based out of southern Ontario run by video editor Mitch Fillion. Branching outside of their Ontario roots a little bit to capture this neighboring Quebec indie group Elephant Stone from Montreal while they were visiting Toronto for their Canadian Music Festival debut. Sit back and drift away to this beautifully mellow track filmed LIVE in Little India, downtown Toronto inside an Indian boutique.

Land Of Talk – “Quarry Hymns” [VIDEO]

This is the first official video released for Land of Talk to one of their best tracks “Quarry Hymns” off of their second released album, “Cloak And Cipher”. This canadian indie/pop group has much talent with a sensational voice in Elizabeth Powell. Please check out their site here to hear more.