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Dammit! – Free EP Confused – Review

Dammit! – “State of My Nation”

Dammit! is an amazing small town band straight out of India.

“Six-piece Karnataka alt/grunge/punk band Dammit recently released their debut EP Confused. The overt national consciousness/paranoia/rebellion of the band bleeds into their EP and their album art.”  –NH7

The band consists of:

Anup Cowkur-Vocals
Rijusatvik-Lead guitar
Varun Sharma-Rhythm guitar
Rohit Nikam-Bass
Sidhesh Iyer-Keyboards
Nachiket kalburgi-Drums

The EP has only 3 tracks, but they are extremely well recorded and put together, and if I didn’t know better, I’d never be able to tell this band was from India.

All of these guys are great musicians, and they seem to mesh really well together. Anup’s English is perfect, and his voice compliments their groove perfectly as well. As far as punk bands go, these guys kick ass! Their lyrics and song concepts are full of purpose and they’ll also just rock the fck out.

The EP can be downloaded for free on the band’s Facebook page. It’s definitely worth a listen. These guys are awesome!

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari  Founer & CEO Beat-Play, LLC

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The POV Concert Series from Pitchfork

You gotta hand it to Pitchfork on this one. This is a really awesome concept that they’ve pulled off pretty flawlessly It’s funny, as we see more and more streaming events popping up, we see this feature more and more. I know the NFL and MLB have utilized this type of coverage, giving the audience full selection over their preferred view. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature become a standard part of streaming live or taped performances, everywhere you see them. Very cool stuff..


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THE MUSIC SEEN is a place to experience, share and find good music. It is bands, their music, and their concerts, seen through the eyes of professional music lovers. Happy listening.

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