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The Indie Artist Database – Some Seriously Sick Music Blogs – Comparisons & Contact Info – Edit #1

The info from these entries are either from Wikipedia and/or the Websites themselves. To correct any errors, give suggestions, or submit a blog, please contact me at dante@musicwithoutlabels.com I will be updating this list periodically. We want to hear your opinions of these blogs!

Listening/Artist Promotion Blogs


Uses: Listening/News

Genre Info: Wide Range

Ad Annoyingness: 0

Reach: Unknown

General Info:

From the Site: Hotcakes – Delivering freshly baked music news and tracks whipped up from every genre. Get ’em while they’re HOT.

Welcome to Hotcakes – freshly baked music news and reviews for your aural pleasure.

Hotcakes is the work of three students from England, one in Birmingham and two in Leeds, one’s who’s from London and one from Derby.

This blog is born out of a love for new music. We source all our mp3s from what is sent to us by artists, promoters, our own collections and stuff from other blogs. If you like any of the music we post here then we urge you to either buy the tracks or find other ways of supporting the bands involved.

Artist Contact:

If you want to get in touch for any reason then please do:



Jukeboxer – Awesome Music Mix Blog

There’s some really awesome mixes on this blog. Def worth checking out. He posts a new one every week.  Jukeboxer


Hi. My name is Dalen, and I enjoy sharing music.

5 track mix will be posted each week, usually on Saturday.

Click on the artists name to visit their Last.FM page, and if you enjoy their music, please support them by purchasing their CD’s, records, tapes, and merchandise.

Also, each mix will be accompanied by an inspirational photograph from German photographerMatthias Heiderich. He’s awesome isn’t he?

take care,


Artist Contact:

If you think I would enjoy your music, please get in touch. If I really dig it, I’ll buy the first round when I visit your city.

email:  dalen.dalen@yahoo.com