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The Haken Continuum and the OtamaTone – 2 Insanely Cool Instruments [Videos]

The Haken Contnuum

The Haken Continuum is one of the sickest instruments I’ve ever seen, and it better be for a hefty $5290 for a full size one. Since it’s a midi controller mixed with a keyboard mixed with a huge touch pad, it can pretty much do it all.

The OtamaTone

The OtamaTone is one of those instruments that once you’ve got one you still might not be able to figure out why, but you’d still be happy about it. For $52, why not? Also I found people who buy an OtamaTone, also often buy this Stylophone Beatbox for a cool $27 + shipping. Watch the next video and you’ll see why:


Conduct Your Own Orchestra of Balls – BallDroppings.com + Piano Stairs

BallDroppings instructions: Turn your sound up. Draw lines on the black screen to bounce the balls. Enjoy the music.

This is way too annoying to be this addicting..but it’s a lot of fun. The picture above, when I took it, kinda sounded like some carnival music from an old episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. Taking the screenshot slowed it down just enough to where you could make some sense of it..pretty creepy sense..anyway I always love to see weird software music experiments like this. It makes you even more certain that there are endless possibilities out there, especially when it comes to music…and little balls.

Here’s some more fun with music:



Metal Head Orgasmotron – convert headbanging into metal music

Moshpit Amp is an art project by the fabulous art group //////////fur////.

Ha this thing is actually real! Not sure where, or if you can get one.


The most addicting music creation games ever – Infinite Wheel – Dub/Reggae games