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Indie Artist Promotion Priority # 1: Reduce Clicks

It’s simple common sense..the more clicks it takes to get to your music, the harder it will be for people to hear it, and without people hearing it, there’s absolutely no chance at making a sale.

The biggest problem here really lies in the way that the internet is structured. The web is a very visual thing in it’s nature. Photos or Artwork can be posted up almost anywhere, and once seen, the damage has been done. With music this is not the case. People mostly have to rely on links to attract people to their music. There’s nothing to distinguish 1 link from any other link. There’s not even a special kind of link for music. It sounds weird, but the web is just not set up to handle music yet.

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Music, Concerts..What’s Next..Food by Mood? – Hey Not a Bad Idea

As both a blogger, and a music software designer, I feel it is my job to research the trends that are going on in the music field, filter out the good or bad for you, my readers, and offer some things to think about.

Let’s take a look at a new start-up website in beta right now, called Turn2Live.

Turn2Live is a Mood-based Concert Search Engine. I think this is an awesome concept. The idea of filtering music by mood is becoming more and more important. It’s something that I first came across on TheSixtyOne.com. Since then, it has crept up slowly into other music networks around the web. I want to look at this new phenomenon a little closer.

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