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Screw a New Music Tax – We’ve got our Own Ideas

So by now you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about a new music tax for AM/FM radio stations, that corresponds with the 1995 fee imposed on Internet, satellite, and cable radio, crippling hundreds, if not thousands, of internet radio stations.

If you’re an independent artist, I’m happy to announce that this means pretty much nothing. If you want the real scoop on what all the popular opinions are, and the real truth underlying them, this article is great The Man Can’t Tax Our Music . My suggestion: don’t worry about it.

The tax isn’t expected to go through, but even if it does, AM/FM stations already have a phobia of playing music that isn’t already established as having mass appeal.

If you’re an independent artist, it’s time to realize one very important fact. There are 2 music industries. One is small, roped off, and dieing. The other is massive, teeming with talent, and about to explode.

This is the only thing an independent artist has to remember. You are already in the industry you want to be in. There is no point in jumping onto a sinking ship.

The independent music industry is about grass roots support. The independents need to recognize the tremendous amount of power they can have if they stick together as a unit, and we need to all work together to reach our not so different goals.

The picture is just beginning to change, especially with the emergence of new online tools for artists like Beat-Play, a free, viral method of word of mouth promotion and distribution.

If you’re the kind of artist who likes to keep up with what’s going on in the major music industry, it’s time you adjust your eyes a little bit, and realize the real major music industry has the word independent in front of it.

Don’t waste your time worrying about taxes, and lawsuits, and bribes. Focus on you, your music, and make your own rules.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from Beat-Play and Music Without Labels.