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47 Sites Every Recording Musician Should Visit – Gotta love Audiotuts+

Another incredibly helpful post from Audiotuts+


Huge List of Websites with Free Samples and Loops

Courtesy of MusicBootCamp.com

The following links will open doors to a wealth of loops, drum hits, acoustic, electric and just plain weird audio samples. Most are available in WAV format, but many are made available as MP3s and other formats. We only include sites that contain drum shots, kits or instruments, whether or not they contain loops. With so many loop sites already in existence, we choose to emphasize playable instruments and drums.

Enjoy. Most or all of these sites offer free samples or entire libraries for free download.

Awesome Hypebot Article – How Many Clicks…

This article examines how many clicks it takes to get to the music on a variety of popular music sites. Very interesting study with a great point at the end.

This guest post is by Jay Frank, author of Futurehit.DNA and SVP Strategy at CMT.

image from www.socialconversations.com

A few weeks ago, I presented at New Music Seminar a list of the number of clicks it takes to get to music content. For those that missed it (or those that couldn’t write it all down), here is the analysis:

It takes several clicks to get to the music from the following:

  • Amazon Purchase (without Account) – 14
  • iTunes Purchase (without Account) – 12
  • Topspin Purchase – 10
  • Topspin Free Download – 5

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