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New Video Released by 1,2,3 to Single, “Work.”

1,2,3 is the brainchild of Nic Snyder and Josh Sickels, two friends from Pittsburgh, PA, who recently released there debut full-length album entitled New Haven in June. Aside from the logistical nightmare that is attempting to Google search “1,2,3,” my first experience with this group was extremely positive. After listening to samples that are posted on their myspace page, I became more enamored with their creativity and their ability to create so many different sounds, often within the framework of a single song. One benefit of this creativity is that the listener is never truly able to stereotype this band and any attempts to pigeonhole 1,2,3 into a specific category or compare them to others is quickly defeated when the next track plays.

Set in the quintessential blue-collar city of Pittsburgh, PA, “Work” is somewhat of a laborer’s anthem. Check out the video below and head over to their myspace page to hear more samples. As aforementioned, New Haven, their latest album hit the markets in June and its one of my favorite of the year thus far.

Kyle C. Stilley | Marketing Strategist | @stillz | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC | kyle@musicwithoutlabels.com

The White House Band – #Sky-High

WHB Frontman, David E. aka Mr. "Dopesauce" Beats

The White House Band is a self-proclaimed “New Vogue” group from Brooklyn, combining hip-hop, hard rock, and blues since February of 2010. Their latest project, “The Stimulus Package EP,” was released earlier this year. It’s quite refreshing to hear a unique sound and the White House Band delivers this. Check out one of their new singles titled “#Sky-High.”

For more information on the group, check out their website or hit ’em up on facebook.

Kyle C. Stilley | Marketing Strategist | @stillz | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC | kyle@musicwithoutlabels.com

MWL meets w/ Fish Scales of Nappy Roots [Video]

Fish Scales is dirty as hell, as you can see in the beginning of this vid. Check it out:

It’s definitely worth it to go out and buy Nappy Roots‘ newest, self-released album The Pursuit of Nappyness, and there’s actually more than one free mixtape download on their site too. Keep up with Nappy Roots for sure, they’re still doin it REAL big.



MusicWithoutLabels.com – Under Construction –

Some of you may be wondering what happened to MusicWithoutLabels.com. Currently we are in the process of redesigning and also re-concepting MWL.

The new concept will actually be something very similar to MTT Open (MusicThinkTank.com), where artists can post their own articles about topics relevant to music, (equipment, trends, new tools, industry discussions) and we will also provide some other simple tools on there to help artists promote their events and their content as well.

We want to make MWL more community based moving forward, and we hope to mold it into a credible source for musicians and producers. We will also most likely tie the Beat-Play blog into MWL as well.

If you’re signed up as an MWL artist right now, we will transfer you into this new system and will contact you about your new account profile once the site is complete. We expect development to be finished sometime in the next 2 months.

This is just a heads up so you know what’s going on. We really will try to be as transparent as possible as a company, keeping you informed of everything that we’re doing and planning as we go along, because we don’t want to leave you in the dark about anything that we’re doing. We will keep you posted!

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Thanks!

– The Beat-Play Team


Music’s Silent Salary Cap

It is no secret that mainstream music today is controlled by the major labels. By controlled, I mean owned. They decide what comes out, when it comes out, and who it reaches. They also control how much the artists get paid from their music. Effectively, this mean the labels, not the artists(the people truly responsible) own the music.

The artists, though they’ve long had feuds with the label executives over extent of control, still need the labels to do 2 jobs: Mass Promotion and Mass Distribution. The labels, with their big budgets and bigger connections, essentially control mass promotion and distribution, thus giving them an excessive amount of control over the people who need those two things the most: the artists.

This situation of control, which borders on extortion, because the artists have little other choice, has created the occurrence of a silent salary cap in music.

This can all be led back to the fans. The fans either don’t know, or don’t care enough, where the money for the music actually goes. Because the fans don’t care, there’s nothing pushing the labels to give artists better deals. They own control over mass promotion and distribution, thus control over the artists, and nobody has a clue about what they’re doing, except for the artists. Continue reading

The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #7

Since one of this blog’s main purposes is to maintain transparency between the Beat-Play crew and our users, I thought I’d let everybody in on our goals moving forward as a company. Continue reading

The River Flows – Poem by Dante Carmelo Cullari

As time it turns
the river flows
a destined dawn
silent sprouting up
a well of hope
throughout the river rising
Often found to be
a bumpy sea
the gaze that strains a day
and only eagles’ eyes
can see the prize
that lay ahead and wait

The Importance of Lending a Hand – Pass it on

Whether its leaving an extra couple bills for your waitress, or mowing your elderly neighbor’s lawn, lending a helping hand can not be under valued! It’s those little things we do in life that can add up to something much bigger, whether for you, or for someone else.

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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #14

Totally a toss up this week. Some great music in here. Click to taste!

1. Metal/Experimental

Remembrance of Pain – Free From Redemption (Video)

2. Jam Band / Rock

Shadyside Allstars – Coffee Sleeves

3. Reggae / Punk / Hip Hop

Pepper – Stone Love

4. Folk/Roots Music/Rock

The Cutthroats – I Was An Earthquake

5. Electro

Tetrastar – Crank That Soulja Boy

6. Metal/Progressive

Heart of the Hero – My Trust Must Be Earned

7. Folk

Anonymous Sap – Careful Love The Habits of Cowards

8. Hip Hop / Crunk / Rap

Tony Jones (Producer/Rapper) – I Lost It

9. Rock/Alt/ Garage

Starfucker – Pop Song

10. Soul/Hip Hop/ Blues

Cashiz Raye and Pharmies – Gone

11. Indie Pop/ Electro

Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow (Teenagers Remix)

12. Indie/Pop/Alt

The Bell – I Am History

13. Indie/ Pop

Vivek Shraya – I Am A Bass Drum

14. Visual


15. Electronic/Rock/Pop

Big City Kids – One Night Stand

Record Labels Used to be Cool – Who Woulda Guessed it?

Yesterday I had an interview with Mark Cope, the Music Industry Examiner for Examiner.com. Mark has had a lot of experience in the music industry, having worked for several labels and even EMI over the years.

Mark though, has a real passion for independent artists and music, and he continues to support it as much as he possibly can. Mark and I had a chance to talk about Beat-Play and how it can solve a lot of the problems artists are facing right now. He’s planning on doing an article about us in the next couple weeks, so watch out for that. He also told me about how he has seen the music business evolve and change over the years. I thought that this perspective was worth sharing.

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