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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #3

These are pretty old school coming from last year but all great music and we feel they need to be heard again before they get burried deep beneath the ever growing content on the blog. Sit back and enjoy the 3rd playlist out of the 12 more to come. So be on the look out!

Doxology – Revolution


2. Rebelution – Attention Span



3. 7BZH – The Sacrifice




4. Temple Scene – Helsinki



5. Sunday Radio – The Cruel Fate of Satellites


6. Emmanuel Jackson – No Matter What


My Dear Disco – For Your Love


POGO – Alice


SHOOPS – King of the Bongo


Another Robot Sunrise – Goodbye I’m Gone

Another Robot Sunset

As Tall As Lions – Ghost of York

As Tall As Lions


Kate Earl – Melody

Kate Earl


Villains – Thrilla



Nada Surf – See These Bones

Nada Surf


Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya

Obadiah Parker


The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #1

This blog post will be the first of many that I am dedicating to all of the amazing independent artists I listen to everyday, who deserve way more support than what they’re getting. These actual songs I am taking from my thesixtyone.com playlist. They range from Rock to Reggae to Folk, and in between. All AMAZINGLY talented artists.

Thesixtyone.com by the way, just updated their interface, and it’s much harder to use!…but still full of amazing artists..Enjoy!

4. Manchester Orchestra – Shake it out

5. Rebelution – Outta Control

6. Temple Scene – Ordinary People

7. House of Heroes – Code Name: The Raven

8. Valerna – My Moon Rocket

9. Still Time – 9 to 5

10. Kina Grannis – Strong Enough

All of these artists are amazing! and they deserve a lot more than to just end up in my playlist to stream for free.

Please, if you love these artists and their work, help support a site like Beat-Play, that will actually give these artists the support they need to continue to master their crafts, while you continue to enjoy their music for free. It’s a win-win. Join the movement!

Check back next week for a list of some more of the worlds best independent artists

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

Indie Music Blog Comparison [INFO]

Rub-A-Dub-Dubbb (http://rub-a-dub-dubbb.com)

  • Uses: New music, videos, and interviews.
  • Genre Info: Dubstep and Electro
  • Ad Annoyance: No Ads
  • Reach (target): Dubstep fans. Nothing to far out of this genre.
  • General Info: From the site: This site aims to help artists with promotion and exposure and may also show you some cool shit along the way.
  • Blog Contact Info: rubadubdubbb@hotmail.com


One Track Mind (http://one-track-mind.com)

  • Uses: “Music Discovery Made Easy, One Song at a Time.”
  • Genre Info: Any
  • Ad Annoyance: Banner Ad at the top and a 300×250 on the right sidebar. The ads use products to promote music related events. They are flash ads that expand when you roll over them. In a bad positions for that technology so it becomes quite annoying if you’re browsing.
  • Reach: Music lovers
  • General Info: One Track Mind is a daily music blog which spotlights a different individual song each day. Each featured track is critically assessed and open to discussion via user ratings and comments.
  • Blog Contact Info: email.otm@gmail.com


Weve Got The Jazz (http://wevegotthejazz.com)

  • Uses: Independent artist videos, music and news.
  • Genre Info: Hip-Hop and rap
  • Ad Annoyance: Banner and 300×250 (top and sidebar) Completely irrelevant to what the site is about. Definitely annoying.
  • Reach (target): Hip-Hop lovers
  • General Info: WGTJ helps spread the news along with the hits from the independent hiphop world, helping promote the newest and/or best musician.
  • Blog Contact Info:


Jonk Music (http://jonkmusic.com)

  • Uses: “Everyday a song from around the web.”
  • Genre Info: All Independent Music
  • Ad Annoyance: No Ads
  • Reach (target): Music Blog Lovers (Indie Music)
  • General Info: Jonk music promotes independent artists by posting a new song everyday from indie music blogs all over the web. They also do a good job referencing the blogs where the song was found, so it is a great place to find more indie music blogs similar to itself.
  • Blog Contact Info:
    • Twitter: @jonkmusic
    • Facebook: jonkmusic
    • Email: jonkmusic@gmail.com


By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard [VIDEO]

The Pirate Bay have some really big things going on right now between hearings with the Swedish government along with their ties to the current WikiLeaks issues arising in the United States.

Serious Payment for Stealing Music


Who knew pirating music could be this serious of an offense in the court of law. Here is an interesting article we stumbleupon by CrunchGear. The woman was stuck in solitary confinement for 4 days, and this was in 2008. I couldn’t even begin to think what would happen now. The model for music distribution needs changed to keep the governments focus on things that are physically jeopardizing our country. Here is what CrunchGear had to say about it:

If the threat of making Madonna go hungry weren’t enough, CD pirates in Arkansas are now locked up in solitary and forgotten for four days.

[For] four full days, Adriana Torres-Flores was locked away and forgotten in 8 1/2-by-9 1/2-foot cell in the Washington County Courthouse, with only a metal table, two benches and a light bulb that never went out. She had nothing to eat or drink. There was no toilet. Thursday passed. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday – although Torres-Flores had no watch to tell the time. She slept on the floor with her head on a shoe. She drank her own urine, she said.

That’s right, kids: even if it’s just a copy of In Rainbows, pirating CDs is a pee-drinking offense. Artists need to eat green M&Ms and meth too!

The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #4

Since the last update, not a whole lot has changed, except for our anticipation, which is growing more and more each minute.

Any day now we should be getting a call or an email telling us that we can test the site for the first time. Until then, we’re working hard to get as much artist related content(album reviews, performance videos, interviews) as possible, finished and on our blog. We have stacks of CDs and hours of film to edit, so we’re staying busy. It’s all great content! Expect a lot of that coming up this week, along with, hopefully, news of the site being testable.

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Why iTunes Sucks and What’s Next

There was an article this weekend brought to my attention, about iTunes, that I thought perfectly explained the problems with the platform. The article is called ITunes Music Store. Facelift for a Corrupt Society. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Of course, if you do this research yourself, or you’re an artist, you will or have found the same results, but if that’s not the case, his main points against iTunes are that it’s too expensive, there is poor audio quality, and they take too high of a cut from sales. (horrendous paraphrase..apologies)

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The Everything or Nothing Society – A Market Analysis

We are an everything or nothing society. We either want everything now, or in our minds, we might as well have nothing.

We are never happy until we have everything we want. This is an important mental factor to be aware of in our society. It can explain a lot of behavior. I believe most people forget about it, probably because they’re guilty of it themselves..even me.

But where does this mentality come from, and what harm, if any, can it do?

Sure, some people may claim that having that mindset only pushes people to do their best all the time, and strive harder for what they want, but is this really true?

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Why Video Blogs will Rule

In the age of bloggers, basically independent journalism, and the fast-paced world of the internet, it is only a matter of time before vloggers become America’s top choice for news, a trend I think will catch on in the rest of the world as well. This is because of the vast range of sources and opinions that are available on blogs. Collectively, they usually paint a pretty accurate picture of problems, solutions, and opinions, which is what news can only really be judged on – Thier ability to paint the most accurate picture of current circumstances.

Already every time I flip on CNN or MSNBC, I see something about Twitter, or Facebook, or about the news channel’s blog. Plus the big channel’s news coverage is already mostly based on what’s being talked about online, which is usually the first place for a story to break. If it’s been on Twitter for a week steady, CNN will be all over it.

As blogging progresses, I think that it will be much more common for people to switch from written blogs, to video blogs..especially as professional blogger numbers continue to rise. The reason is more information, faster, and without being limited to having all of your attention on one screen.

It’s like the difference between books, and books on tape. You can’t read a book while you drive, but you can hear one. It just makes sense. If everyone video blogged, everyday, I could take the articles I want, and essentially add them to a playlist. The they could even sit in the corner of my screen as a minimized version, just playing, while I write emails, make a spread sheet, play games, ect. Add this functionality to a Discovery Engine like Alltop, or Redditall, and I would never have to jump from blog page to blog page again, wasting time hitting back and waiting for each page to load.

A huge part of internet usage right now is to gain more information about a specific topic, many times related to business or promotion of some kind. If I could gain all of this information in video form, not only could I fit in and absorb more information, and faster, but I could still be productive at my business while I’m learning. It’s the ultimate multi-task internet hack.

Now if only the playlist functionality existed…maybe if it did more people would video blog. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? This functionality would implement PERFECTLY into a browser. If no one else does it, I will, but the reason I’m letting it out is because I’m so busy with Beat-Play, that I wouldn’t mind if someone else stole it, because then I could benefit from it without putting the tremendous amount of work in to launch IT as well as Beat-Play. But whoever does, could end up being pretty well off..hint, hint.

Pretty soon you will start to see more video blog posts from me and my team. If all goes well, we would eventually like to transition totally to video blogs, in order to better serve our readers. I know that this is the future..because it’s just better..and better makes sense..someone’s going to figure it out. For now, don’t stop blogging, but maybe consider getting a makeover.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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