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Summer Swee-Singh – Skrillex Piano & Strings [COVER]

sssSkrillex just threw this one up on his facebook feed today and I must say it’s pretty incredible. Watch as these girls successfully perform this incredible arrangement of ‘Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites’, ‘My Name Is Skrillex’, and ‘Slats’ in a medley format. Arrangement and piano played by Summer Swee-Singh who prepared the song for a viola (Jane Kim), two violins (Miren Edelstein & Sylvia Tangney), and herself on piano. What really blows my mind out of all this is how they didn’t even skip over the wobbles and just go for it on the strings with a different but surely satisfying tone. Visit Summer Swee-Singh on Facebook and view more of her amazing arrangements.

SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites [VIDEO]

This album is insane by SKRILLEX. Watching this EP teaser they put together to promote the album will give you a great idea of the crazy transitions that take place to expose the scary and nice within each track. Enjoy this video and check out the whole album here.