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Hollerado – “Americanarama” [VIDEO]

Number two: this time, a video from our neighbors to the north.

Narrative: Oh, my God!  Are they all trapped in boxes?

Performance: Jittery, jerky, all in one ridiculous take.

Song: Awesome.  Buy and bump the album here, or from your online retailer of choice.  “Juliette” is one of my favorite tracks from last year.

Canada, you’ve made up for Simple Plan.

Why You Should Watch It: OK Go aren’t the only band experimenting with awesome viral videos.  While it’s easy to shoot your friends being stupid on a Handicam, slap your song under it, and call it “viral,” you gotta give people something they’ve never seen before if you want your virus to actually infect anyone.  It’s gotta be something people watch and immediately watch again to figure out how it was done, then pass along out of amazement.  While the concept here isn’t as pure as a lot of OK Go’s work, you gotta figure Hollerado’s resources were a little more limited.  The strongest moments definitely come towards the end as perspective is played with, but the video starts strong and never really lets up.  The only real fault with the video is that it suffers from what any video with a “one take” concept suffers from: very little energy.  For as spastic and complex as all the movement within the frame is, it just a “motion picture” in the most literal sense of the phrase (something Kanye recently experimented with as well, though he had some stupid name for it).  Still, this is a case of pure substance over style, proving you don’t need a lot of money to make something awesome, just a lot of practice.

**Last minute update** Click the picture at the top of the article to visit the band’s website and see their NEW video for “Got to Lose.”  It’s another choreographed wonder – slicker and sexier, too!

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