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The Naked and Famous “Passive Me, Aggressive You” [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]


All of This – The Naked and Famous

OK fine you caught me.  This band isn’t quite from Los Angeles.  In fact they are from New Zealand a measly 6,500 miles away and they don’t have a full length record out in the US yet either, but they are just plain awesome.  They played some of their first state side shows here in LA and have been on the move ever since.

The song “Punching in a Dream” has been released as a single in the US (link below) and they are currently touring Europe with plans for a full US tour after that.  This electro pop/ electro rock outfit is making their mark very quickly on local music scenes especially in LA with a two night run and abroad.  After seeing them completely by accident at the Echo in LA a couple months ago I was an instant fan.

Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

With influences such as Nine in Nails, LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack they have chosen their elders wisely and still managed to create a new sound that is their own.  A superb example of this is the massive and heavy sounding electro rock tune “Jilted Lovers,” which hasn’t been released State side yet.

Jilted Lovers – The Naked and Famous

All of TNAF’s videos are done with the help of Special Problems a visual media outlet where bands can supply the inspiration through their music and in turn the artists do the same with visual art.  They have worked with a number of unknown independent artists as well as a few you might recognize.  The second video and second US single, a follow up to “Punching In A Dream” is called “Young Blood.”  Both video’s are available on the bands homepage here.  For some dumb reason they won’t let me post them for you, but I forgive them.  Also heres a collaboration between TNAF and Special Problems for “Girls Like You”.  Watch it here!

Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

The video’s and the music itself are refreshing to see/ hear.  It’s very much electro pop on the surface but once you get into the record, turn it up and get blow away you’ll soon realize that there’s a lot more to The Naked and Famous than meets the eye.  Its heavy, it’s loud, it has it’s dark moments and its light, all in all its a well rounded record.  Now imagine all that with a live show that will blow your friggin’ mind!  Sounds good to me.

The Naked and Famous have a number of dates on the calendar here.

You can download the singles from the bands website here.

For those who are in the LA area TNAF are playing two nights at the Echo April 8 and 9.  I think the first night is sold out, but you bet your ass I’m going to the second night.  Echo lineup can be found here and the TNAF show page is here.

See you there.  Here’s a live video of the song “The Sun” from the band youtube page.  Enjoy!

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL |

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