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Easy Star All-Stars: “Dubber Side Of The Moon” [ALBUM REVIEW]

Pink Flloyd made an everlasting musical impact on the world with the release of their 70’s hit album, “Dark Side Of The Moon.” For all of you Reggae and Dubstep lovers, Easy Star All-Stars do an amazing job of composing this sound with the platinum classic rock record. The “Dubber Side Of The Moon” happens to be a follow up to their first big release, entitled “Dub Side Of The Moon” in 2003. Other bigger albums, including “Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band” have begun to set their reggae tone completely aside from the rest. All of these albums have been produced by the 3 original members, Lem Oppenheimer, Michael Goldwasser, and Eric Smith with multiple musical guests essentially helping to promote the reggae, ska, and jazz scene of New York City. Being released on October 19th, visit here to pre-order your copy. This is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2010. Sneak Preview of “Money”(the Alchemist Remix)

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