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SXSW Presenters Don’t L.I.V.E. Up to Reputations

According to this Hypebot article: Selling to Fans? Think L.I.V.E., Glenn Peoples of Billboard and Brian Peterson of Bandbox recommended on a SXSW panel that “the key to more sales from fans is to think L.I.V.E.”


Offer products that are limited in time and/or quantity.


Interact regularly with the fans.


Add more value or discount the product.


Sell to your core fans first.

So is this really all there is to making more sales? Is this going to work?

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Twitter’s Down :(

This sucks, but it always fascinates me. Can’t wait to see what the reason was this time. I will be following on Google.

Update: I guess they were out for about a half hour, but they seem to be working now. I’ll be looking for reasons..

Update 22: This is an article well worth reading about Twitter problems:

Tweets From Space will not Fix Twitter’s Problems


As we have now seen, new account creation on Twitter has dried up. Even more so, I still get 503 error messages, fail whales, and other assorted problems daily. The site is broken, the service still crashes, it has lost nearly all its growth momentum, and has yet to monetize outside of two commercial deals. Oh, that and the Twitter spam problem has not even begun to be corrected.

And what are we all talking about? One poorly typed Tweet from outer space. Is that what we should be focusing on? What about Twitter still being broken? What about these traffic graphs showing Twitter completely stagnant in its home market:   …

Update 8800: Twitter not working again..not that that’s really news…sorry, they just don’t seem to be conducting their business properly. What ever happened to listening to users, and trying to be helpful?

Last Update: I just realized I didn’t post the times of the previous updates. The first two were actually only about 4 minutes apart, but by the time I posted the first one it had already been about 5 minutes since I had noticed the problem. Then by the time I had finished reading that article I posted above, and I checked on the status again, Twitter went down again. When I first noticed the problem, It was about 7:16am est, and it is now 8:00 am est and it has been working just fine for almost 15 minutes. Gotta love tech!

2010, and Still Very Much in the Dark

It’s not rare to hear middle-aged people go on about the technology we have now; the cell phones, and the video games, and everybody’s busy lives. But for all the talk about how advanced we are and how everything’s getting so uncontrollably complicated, there’s not enough talk about the truth of the situation.

The fact is, as a country, America is pretty advanced, but in the age of the world wide web, there’s a lot of that web still missing from the picture. The internet has the ability to transform commerce, transform communication, and transcend boundaries. It could be argued that it’s the most important thing missing throughout the world.

The internet has means of education, means of trade, and opportunity. Food and water sent from a rich country can save a life, but it cannot sustain it.

For all the talk about how advanced we are, I think it’s time we start realizing that the rest of the world is still very far behind. When we think about “our” situation, we need to think about it from the perspective of the world as a community, because in reality, and even more so in the future, we are all connected.

I am undoubtedly a huge advocate for more innovation and more technology, but in these circumstances, I would readily support a stand still of all progress in developed countries, in order to catch under-developed countries up at least to America’s standards, which are certainly not the highest, but would still be great for the world.

This stand still would never happen, but I am hoping that with the coming technologies to emerge out of the developed countries in the years to come, a solution to this problem can be found that brings, if nothing else, widespread internet access and computers to the world.

America, Europe, and parts of Asia may be relatively advanced, but in many parts of the world, there’s still not much difference between now and 200 years ago. We tend to make a huge separation between us and ancient people, or even the victorians, but as a whole, we are not much different, and as a world community, we still have a long ways to go.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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