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A Tribe Called Quest held down by the Fabels

I can’t tell you how much I love them. I finally get to see them live at Rock the Bells this year – it’s going to be epic. But this is some seriously messed up bullsh*t..they need to make another album but I don’t blame them for not wanting the labels to be a part of it. There’s gotta be a way out..


The Top 12 Reasons Not to Sign to a Label

1. Loss of Rights – If you’re a new act, almost 95% of the time, if you want that big label contract, you have to sign over your publishing rights. This is a HUGE problem. Basically, anything you write, which by just the pen touching the paper, or finger touching the key, is automatically copyrighted, you are giving directly to the Label so they can go make more money off of it than you do. Now some people may make the argument that without the label you couldn’t make any money at all, but with the internet getting more and more sophisticated, this will get less and less true, which is already the case for some. ie: Lisa Lavie

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