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Here’s a FREE mp3 Download of the track “So Much” from ME MY HEAD, off their newest album, “Survival In No Mans Land” (View their Review Here) Definitely have to say they are very generous with this hit being the best track on the album. Enjoy everyone and be sure to check them out at their site. ME MY HEAD

So Much (Right-click and Save-As to DOWNLOAD)

Thank you very much to Dave, and the entire ME MY HEAD for our first FREE mp3 Download on The Beat-Play Experiment. We look forward to continuing this

Sean Hayes – “Run Wolves Run” [ALBUM REVIEW]

Bringing a new name to the folk genre, Sean Hayes brings some great music power with the diversity of style on this album. No song sounds alike which adds to the overwhelming uniqueness brought out in his music. The genre is portrayed as folk music but I’m sensing a taste of many sounds in this album making it an instant hit. Just when you get into the sound of one song you hear the next track, it’s completely different but completely awesome. This is definitely one of the best indie albums I’ve heard in 2010. Whether you listen to folk or not, I definitely recommend this to all music lovers in search of new sounds. This guy is no joke and foreseen as a driving force in the independent music scene in the near future.

Open Up A Window

Powerful Stuff


A Hero En Route – “Wary As Bears” [ALBUM REVIEW]

Bobby Angle-Lead Vocals
Jon Steiner- Guitar
Austin McCool- Guitar
Jacob Hillenbrand- Bass
Frank Legeay- Drums

This is just GREAT!!! We’re getting more and more alternative rock coming from the indie world; and with that being said it is my pleasure to introduce you all to A Hero En Route from Evansville, IN with their newest album release, “Wary As Bears”. DAMN this is a good set of tracks. Not a very large EP but these 7 songs do enough justice until their next album which I’m sure we’ll see soon. These guys are BEASTS, having 4 self-released albums since ’08!!!



“Wary As Bears” has really stepped up the bands game and overall originality. This is definitely a “whole-way-through” type of album. Even the 52 second track “Bruiser” is absolutely beautiful and adds a smooth mellow feel to the transition between the albums’ clear hits, “Curses” and “Wary As Bears”. Comparing this band is pretty difficult because they have a lot of different feels to them that many other bands brings bits of. Red Jump Suite Apparatus being a very mainstream group is very comparable along with Panic! At The Disco vocals. The consistency of this album though, definitely sets A Hero En Route aside from the inconsistency of signed musicians’ hit making mentality.





Now this is rock! “Survival In No Mans Land” is definitely one of the best indie rock albums I’ve heard in quite sometime. They have such a unique style that set them apart from the rest similar to Incubus’ creativity which brought them huge success. They have that great indie rock feel while adding the modern, spacey, and electro tones to compliment their strong original sound.Here is the band:

The tempo of their music feels extremely happy, while optimistically speaking of the many sorrows encountered from love in the past. Their hit “Night Is On Fire” is an awesome song getting alot of feedback from fans throughout the internet. The vocals and overall musical structure of “So Much” is an instant hit, making you fall in love with ME MY HEAD right away. Visit iTunes to purchase here. Having been released in November of 2009, be on the lookout for their newest work, I’m sure we won’t be let down.

“Night Is On Fire”

“So Much”

ALBUM RELEASE: Lyrically Twisted – The 2nd Nature Mixtape [REVIEW]





It’s Lyrically Twisted back with a new mixtape, “The 2nd Nature” following his killer Introduction Mixtape. His last album was on fire with tracks like “In The Lab” and “Dear Seasons” but his introduction of this new mixtape has him on another level, bringing overwhelming consistency in his flow. “Breathin” is a hit as soon as you hear it, rivaling mainstream artists like Drake and J. Cole. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to get in touch with Lyrically Twisted to get his word on the making and distribution of “The 2nd Nature”


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Introducing… The Novel Ideas

The Novel Ideas

Residing from the suburbs of Newton, Massachusetts, Daniel Radin [Guitars/Vocals] aspired to write music based on literature rather than the typical girl troubles focus in their genre. They kicked off their career in 2007 with the release of “Say Hello” to be followed by their most recent album “The Sky is a Field” which came out in 2009. They began their first national tour in June of this year.

If you are a fan of Rock Folk and a sound similar to Death Cab for Cutie or The Postal Service than you will love their newest album. The album is actually in the order of a novel as you go song to song which adds to their overall uniqueness in this genre. Here is a track from “The Sky is a Field” entitled The Sky.

1. The Sky
2. Adrian Blues
3. Seabird
4. Homesick
5. Julian Carax
6. A Breath of Fresh Air
7. Shoot Straight
8. Wedding Bells Pt. 1
9. Wedding Bells Pt. 2
10. You Sang to Me
11.The Field

Gillian Hobbs Album Review – Something to Write Home About – Folk/Acoustic

Artist Name:
Gillian Hobbs

Album Title:
Something to Write Home About


Mustafa Mixtape Review – SICK!! * Free Sample

Artist Name:


Mixtape Title:



Hip Hop

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PZC – The Woodshed – Album Review – Great Folk Singer!

Artist Name:

Album Title:
The Woodshed

Paul Zimmerman-Clayton  – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist


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Mizon Album Review and Interview – SICK Metal Band – Denver, Co

Band Name:
Mizon (pronounced MY-ZON)

Album Title:
Mizon ( 4 – Track Demo)

Band Members and Positions:
Justin Hood – Vocals
Taylor Hood – Guitar (manager)
Matt Austin – Guitar
Chad Falletti – Bass
Morgan Townsend – Drums

Metal / Progressive / Psychedelic