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Gregory Alan Isakov – This Empty Northern Hemisphere [ALBUM REVIEW]

Waking up on a couch at 6am is usually one of the roughest thing you can do after a night out but when your woken up by “if I go, I’m goin” which featured at the end of the new episode of Californication it aint such a bad way to wake.

South African born, Philadelphia raised & Colorado based Gregory Alan Isakov’s 4th album “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” which features “if I go, I’m goin” is sure to open his music up to a wider audience and too right. He has shared stages with Ani Difranco, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Calexico, Brandi Carlile and Fiona Apple.

His Songs are plush with glowing arrangements. String sections that compliment and never overpower the more folksy
instrumentation of delicate banjo and accordion and nylon sting guitars. Backed by Brandi Carlile on a handful of tunes he delivers melodies that warm the heart and embed his lyrics in your mind long after the record stops. recorded in many different locations. a closed down bookshop, his apartment, in studio and at Carlile’s house his loosely woven folk music is in the vein of Iron & Wine, acoustic Springsteen and I’m sure I could go on but to do that would make less of Gregory as an artist in his own right.

Here is a live version of album highlight Virginia May featuring Brandi Carlile.

you can pick up a copy from links provided on his website here

The Super Orchestra- No One Deserves a Winter [Video]

The Super Orchestra – No One Deserves a Winter from The Super Orchestra on Vimeo.

In 2009 Swedish band The Super Orchestra released their album We are Standing Still Before Moving on

You can download for free from http://thesuperorchestra.com/

Carta Marina – “End Of An Era” [ALBUM REVIEW]

End of an Era Cover Art


Chicago & Illinois as a whole, What needs to be said about its street cred in the world of music over the years home to Wilco, Andrew Bird, The Smashing Pumpkins , John Prine, Miles Davis,  Eddie Vedder was originally from Evanston, Illinois. RATM guitar master Tom Morello from Libertyville, Illinois. And an entire Blog could and probably is devoted to what Chicago Blues has given to the world.

Out of that amazing lineage comes Carta Marina –

consisting of

Chris Reehoff – Guitar, Glockenspiel
Justin Shields – Keys
Jeff Palac – Vox, Bass, Guitar, Harmonica
Rick Gladkowski – Drums

Anthemic, Spacey, Touching, At times Raw is just some of the ways their collective sound could be described along with many more adjective’s. But I’ll leave that to each individual set of ears who has the pleasure of listening to their album End Of An Era. Recorded live @ Uptown Recording. It’s so refreshing to hear a band at the top of their game being able to track live and nail each song with energy and precision. Strong and melodic vocals from singer Jeff, Which at no point over the course of the 9 tracks does he grate on the listener, Instead by the end your ready to press play again to hear his soaring refrain of Arcadia also featuring some great interweaving guitar lines by Chris. Not to leave out the Rhythms provided by Rick who has power and accuracy with every hit. Never over indulgent he creates a solid frame for the melodies and textures to live and breathe. Textures enhanced by subtle delays, reverbs and the perfect licks and phrases of keys man Justin and sounding at times like Garth Hudson if he was let go through The Edge’s FX setup.

The album can be purchased from the bands Bandcamp site with some great extras for those who are inclined to help a band by parting with those few extra dollars.

Peter Doran – Sleepless Street [ALBUM]

Sleepless Street Cover Art

Location : Ireland

This his 2nd album was captured at a number of fine recording facilities throughout Ireland, Europe and America. making this a truly global album in every sense of the word. with great performances and lyrics, this album is an instant hit with listeners. with stand out tracks like The Composer, Sleepless Street & opening track Hunter’s Sketches.

Photography by Luke Danniells

Check out more from Peter @ http://www.peterdoran.com/ including Livestream gigs and video diary of album recording