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Dot – “The World is Not Enough” [Music Video Premier]

Dot completely killed this track, not to mention this NYC based video is dope a fck! This is a classic right here.

Look out for more from Dot on the way soon. His new mixtape A.G.L. (Above Ground Level), featuring this track, is set out to release in April. They don’t call him the one for nothing. Stay updated on everything Dot’s doin here on fb.

Posted by: Dante Cullari CEO Beat-Play

DOT – Live Sessions #1 + Latest [Video]

Gawdamn! Dot man..yes it’s really that real.

Also check out Dot’s latest track – “The World is Not Enough” It’s sooo dope.

MWL meets w/ Fish Scales of Nappy Roots [Video]

Fish Scales is dirty as hell, as you can see in the beginning of this vid. Check it out:

It’s definitely worth it to go out and buy Nappy Roots‘ newest, self-released album The Pursuit of Nappyness, and there’s actually more than one free mixtape download on their site too. Keep up with Nappy Roots for sure, they’re still doin it REAL big.



DOT – “I Get Busy” + Bonus “Lets Get Blown” [New Releases] – Hip Hop

For your aural pleasure:

Spread the word – DOT is taking over. The underground is talking. Listen up, and keep your ears open for his upcoming mixtape Aviators and Bombers. Learn more here.

Here’s another fire bonus track from DOT – “Lets Get Blown”:


Newest Track from dot. – “Red October” – Fresh Release [Hot Shit]

dot. – “Red October”

Just listen to his flow. This dude is special. You heard it here first.



Mustafa Mixtape Review – SICK!! * Free Sample

Artist Name:


Mixtape Title:



Hip Hop

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