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Singing Exercises to Improve Vocal Control

Some singers have a problem with the middle range of the scales when singing from high notes to low notes, crossing what is known as a “bridge” or a “breaking point.” This can come across as breathlessness, croaky or out of tune. With appropriate singing lessons, this problem can be eradicated.

Learning to Sing Properly

Most voice coaches divide the singing voice into two areas:

  • The head voice
  • The chest voice

The head voice deals with the high notes of the range and has a clear, bright sound; the chest voice deals with the low notes and has a richer, fuller sound. Some singing teachers make the mistake of treating the two as separate entities, assigning both different voice exercises. Continue reading

Voice Check: 10 Tips for Healthy Singing

1. Technique is King
Maintaining great technique is without question the basis for a healthy voice. Good technique prevents injury and enables performers to sing at the top of their game every time. “With proper training, the singer/actor learns to release excess tensions in the body and throat muscles,” says Rodgers. “This means that the vocal mechanism is sitting in a muscular environment that will allow it to function at its best. Proper vocal technique means that the singer/actor has learned to use ‘diaphragmatic breath support’ in singing. This moves the effort of support to the abdominal muscles and away from the muscles that are closest to the throat. Proper vocal technique means that the singer/actor has trained the vocal folds to respond to pitch changes and that the singer/actor can maximize the gifts that nature has provided.”

“Improper technique can lead to vocal injuries, which can be annoying and limiting at best and career-ending at worst,” says DeVore. “Most common vocal injuries (nodules, polyps, bruising, swelling) are caused at least in part by the vocal cords slamming together too hard when we speak, sing, shout, scream, wail, keen, sob and so forth. There are ways to do all of those things healthily, which ensures that a performer will have a flexible voice to last through his or her career.” Continue reading

How to Teach Singers to Sing in Tune and in Key – Sweet Article

Cool Article with great exercises and tips for singers.