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Dot The One – Above Ground Level – First Single [New Release]

Dot The One, the most under-rated and over-talented Philly rapper probably of all time, has just released the first single off his newest project, AGL (Above Ground Level), a mixtape due to be out on 11/11/11. Dot has been working on this project for over a year now.  The single is called “Salute Me” – Just take a listen:

Dot, otherwise known as Brandon Cromwell, has been hustling crazy hard over this last year. In addition to working on AGL, he’s also been doing live shows, shooting music videos, and he even pulled a stunt called 30 Day Reign where he released a new free song every day for 30 days on his Facebook page. This dude is a beast!

AGL Promo Vid:

That video reminds me of an older song from Dot The One called “Say Hi” – This track is beyond classic:

Whether he’s writing or just freestyling, Dot The One has earned his name. His style is completely unique, and his complex and carefully crafted flow spills out so smoothly he makes it look too easy. This kid has a jewel.

Recent interview w/ Dot on inspiration:

Check out this Dot The ONE Playlist on Beat-Play. Just listen to the first track and you will be hooked. His producers are disgusting, his collaborators are nasty, and Dots not afraid to just spit straight for 5 minutes right through the hooks.

This kid brings a breath of fresh air to any hip hop fan who has been hurting lately. Finally, somebody you can get down with. That playlist tells the whole story, at least until AGL comes out in November. Judging from Salute Me, I have the feeling that this mixtape is going to take Dot’s greatness to a whole nother level. This is going to be the best mixtape of the year. <period. You heard it here first.

Check him out

Written by: Dante Carmelo Cullari

Hoodie Allen – “The Chase Is On” [NEW MUSIC]

hoodie allen - the chase is onIt was just a bit under a year that we were all blessed with the uplifting positive Hip-Hop vibes of Hoodie Allen, with the release of his first hit single “You Are Not A Robot”. Following up with fire he’s at it again with another instant hit in his latest single release “The Chase is On” to be on his upcoming mixtape Leap Year, out on July 26th. Being newer to the scene, as an independent, Hoodie Allen is making all the right moves with his promotion, quickly building a great reputation throughout the independent music community as a whole. Dropping his last two big creations for FREE via mixtape, has given him the leverage he’s needed to continued success down the road. So enough chatter here and lets get to the sounds of Hoodie himself. Here is “The Chase Is On”

Nappy Roots – “Congratulations” (prod. Organized Noize) [NEW MUSIC]

Nappy Roots

It’s been close to a year since Nappy Roots broke from Atlantic Records and declared themselves to be independent artists, dropping their first self-released album The Pursuit Of Nappyness. Having full control of your career as an independent artist always opens doors for greater collaboration opportunities which they’ve found in their recent connection with Atlanta production company Organized Noize. If you don’t recall these guys they produced some pretty big hits back in the 90s working with artists like OutKast, TLC, En Vogue, and more. The latest project will feature the expertise of both groups, entitled Nappy Dot Org, expected to drop September 20 of this year. This first single and most recent release, “Congratulations” just goes to show that Nappy Roots is currently on top of their game with a whole new focus in the way they do music and business. Catch the single here and be sure to lookout for the release of their new album late September.

YELLE – “Safari Disco Club” [MUSIC]

This French musician/producer trio, Yelle, has had some pretty great success with their creative club sound. Here is a look at the most recent single to be on their newest album set to release in March of this year.


Toro Y Moi – “New Beat” [MUSIC]

Not only is it the title of the song but this sick ‘new beat’ is a great single release to be on Toro Y Moi’s upcoming second album “Underneath The Pine”. Gotta love this uplifting dance feel while mixing a newer experimental feel in between hooks. Check out more here and be on the look out for that new album coming soon!