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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #2

Welcome to the second Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist. This week we’re featuring artists from the old MusicWithoutLabels.com. It wasn’t easy to pick these artists out of all of the artists we have signed up, but these songs are a good representation of all the awesome music and artists we have on board already. Enjoy!

1. A Public Betrayal – Monster

2. Apex Vibe – Saturday Morning

3. Lisa Lavie – Everything or Nothing

4. Vinny Vegas – Watch out for Mastadons

5. The World at Large – Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

6. Tim Yunker – A Mile Away

7. Crimson Faced – Pretty People

8. Dani Rosenoer – Punching Keys

9. Salem – Harvest

10. Lindsay Katt – My Happy

11. Ria – Alright

12. Nichole Halleen & the Projects – Move on

13. Soul Cannon – Dilapidated Buildings

14. Derek Stroker – Believe

15. Mia Moth – Blow 4 Blow (Last Video on Page)

Hear more Soul Cannon [MUSIC]

“Dilapidated Buildings”

“Sucked Out Of A Dream”

Some new age hip-hop coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland is Soul Cannon. Having performed with many mainstream greats like Mos Def and Talib Kwali, they are no stranger to todays hiphop game. They have the amazing live sound similar to The Roots, with a more offbeat jazz feel coming from Matt Frazao on guitars/electronics, Jon Birkholz on keys/electronics, and Nathan Ellman-Bell on dums, equipped with quick lyrical flow on vocals from Eze Jackson. Check out their newest album, “The Mixed Ape” coming soon; Listen to “Mother May I” here:

Here is some awesome footage of the group for their video Talk Less brought to you by AT Media and the Music Without Labels team.

Download their album Kaboom