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Multi-Mastering – Sweet Concept

I discovered this notion on a site called http://www.freemastering.com/ where it turns out, they’re giving away a free mastering if you refer others. Could be pretty cool. Their stated goal right now is simply to spread the service and the idea.

I pulled the following info about multimastering from their real site – Soundops.com – I really like the concept

What makes multiMASTERING different than traditional audio mastering…

Usually, when you send a CD to a traditional mastering house, only one engineer works on it.  He’ll do his best to improve your sound and send you a revision.  This happens one or two more times and you’re done…But multiMASTERING is different.

This is what happens when you send your music to SoundOps:

SoundOps receives your audio tracks either by mail or across the Internet.  Each file is converted and stored in our Digital Vault where the first stage of specialty production begins.

The first part is more about listening than making changes.  Your files are checked for errors, and your mixes are evaluated to make sure they are ready for the mastering process.  If we notice anything that should be adjusted, we’ll let you know instead of just rushing your project through to the end.  Once we’re sure your tracks will respond in the best possible way, the primary mastering process can start.

This is the biggest difference between multiMASTERING and traditional audio mastering:  our entire team of engineers has remote access to master each track with different combinations of equipment for more than one unique finished sound.  Mastering can begin on your recording project in several studio environments simultaneously.

Because there may be more than a dozen preliminary masters created during this phase, a small team led by our head engineer will select the best 3 editions of your project for polishing.  While the finishing touches are being applied to these 3 versions, their engineers will make notes about the particular techniques they used and give detailed feedback for you about your masters. Continue reading