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DJ Soulscape – EW

DJ Soulscape blends traditional South Korean music with new wave/hip hop/dance beats. His music is beautiful and dope as fck at the same time.

Along with several close friends, DJ Soulscape founded 360 Sounds, a collection of DJs and artists intent on bringing underground culture to South Korea. More

Interview with Indie Artist Silvercord in Seoul South Korea

Give us some background. Where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there?

I am originally from Caro, Michigan USA but moved to Seoul after graduating from a degree in music at Eastern Michigan University. I left the states to find a decent job and decided to take a chance in teaching English in South Korea. I have been living and writing, producing and performing music in Seoul, South Korea for the last eight years. I have been at the helm of ‘Silvercord’, my music recording project, for the last 11 years.

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