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Serious Payment for Stealing Music


Who knew pirating music could be this serious of an offense in the court of law. Here is an interesting article we stumbleupon by CrunchGear. The woman was stuck in solitary confinement for 4 days, and this was in 2008. I couldn’t even begin to think what would happen now. The model for music distribution needs changed to keep the governments focus on things that are physically jeopardizing our country. Here is what CrunchGear had to say about it:

If the threat of making Madonna go hungry weren’t enough, CD pirates in Arkansas are now locked up in solitary and forgotten for four days.

[For] four full days, Adriana Torres-Flores was locked away and forgotten in 8 1/2-by-9 1/2-foot cell in the Washington County Courthouse, with only a metal table, two benches and a light bulb that never went out. She had nothing to eat or drink. There was no toilet. Thursday passed. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday – although Torres-Flores had no watch to tell the time. She slept on the floor with her head on a shoe. She drank her own urine, she said.

That’s right, kids: even if it’s just a copy of In Rainbows, pirating CDs is a pee-drinking offense. Artists need to eat green M&Ms and meth too!