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SynchTube: Share Youtube and Vimeo [VIDEO]

Was on reddit today and found a post from someone talking about how they made this service to use with their girlfriend to share music together from both youtube and vimeo players in one place. He had since made some alterations to the site and wanted to know what the public thinks about it, and what they might be able to pull from the service. Read their explanation from the home screen:

synchtube allows you to instantly create public and private rooms where you can watch YouTube and Vimeo music and videos synchronzied with up to 50 people. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time!

Here is the promotional video from the site, teaching you their concept in 60 seconds:

Amazingly Cool New Technology for Musicians – Record & Collaborate over Long Distances!

It’s called Digital Musician. I’ve been talking about something like this being integrated with Beat-Play for a while now. It’s really cool to see that people are already developing this kind of technology. It is almost as if we’re building two sides of the same bridge and we will meet in the middle. Very cool stuff.

From the site: We are a community of creative people from around the world connecting and collaborating, hiring each other for commercial projects, and inviting each other to work on our personal projects. It’s also a place to promote your personal creative growth by discovering new influences and finding fresh inspiration. Join me and thousands of my fellow members now and take your creativity to new levels.


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Establish new international contacts
  • Discover new influences and find fresh inspiration
  • Promote yourself and your work
  • Learn and share recording techniques


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Get hired and earn money from your talents
  • Create commercial and personal projects Continue reading

Radio Reddit: The New Top 40? – Why not?

I’m a frequent redditor, and I can remember a couple months back seeing a reddit post asking users if they would listen to a radio station driven by reddit. They seemed to get a pretty great response, so they actually created one. It’s been interesting tracking Radio Reddit along this journey. Click to Enlarge:

Streams vs. .mp3’s: Why Streams Own

Streams will become the new mp3’s for 4 simple reasons.

Reason #1: The only reason to really download music anymore is to put it on a mobile mp3 player like an iPod or a Zune.

Reason #2: Streaming Recommendation sites like Grooveshark, last.fm and Pandora have become extremely popular, and these sites have begun making apps for a range of mobile smart phones and mobile computers, which can easily take the place of simple mp3 players.

Reason #3: Streaming eliminates the need to store all that data on a phone or computer, which leaves room for more cool apps, and you don’t have to worry about back ups, or losing it all!

Reason #4: No fear of lawsuits, and actually a way for artists to get paid via advertising revenues. The streaming method happens to be trackable thanks to it’s marriage with the internet. This can provide artists with better information about how and when their music is shared or played, and could allow artists to get paid ANYTIME their music is played, if the switch is made from downloads to streams.

From an artist’s perspective it’s the perfect solution, and from a fan’s perspective it’s the perfect solution too, because if the artist gets paid from ads while streaming, then the music should be free for the fans!

Problems Holding Streaming Back:

1. The lack of proliferation of web-connected mobile devices. Once the price of these things comes down a little, and they figure out better ways to hook them up to your car stereo, streaming will easily be a top choice.

2. The ads associated with the streaming sites are often annoying and obtrusive, with audio interruptions and flashy oversized banners. The solution here is a switch to small, unobtrusive logo icons that just sit there quietly in the corner of the player, but are very appreciated for allowing the fans to get the music for free.

It will be interesting to see what new innovations in this field emerge in the next couple years. My prediction: Streams will be the big adoption of this decade, due to accessibility, sharability, and simple practicality.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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Why Buy Cable when the Web is the Ultimate On Demand?

I don’t have cable at my house and haven’t for 2 years now. I’m 21 years old and savvy enough to realize that the internet is theultimate on demand. I bought the cheapest Dell they made a year ago, the Inspiron(about $300 then, $250 now) and hooked it up to my big screen TV via VGA. I love that computer because it does nothing more than stream video online and it works great.

I watch all the movies that are out in theaters, online when they come out, to see if I should see them in theaters(Avatar). I watch all of the new Tv shows when they air and I even get access to paid channels & events like payperview, HBO, NFL Redzone, ect. I watch all sports games streaming live in surprisingly good quality. If I miss an episode I can watch it anytime. I can start watching an older series from the very beginning, like Lost or Mad Men, even when the TV season is way ahead or not on TV. I can even watch classic throwbacks like Mork and Mindy, M.A.S.H., and for my generation, Rocko’s Modern Life and Are you Afraid of the Dark?

I use mostly Tvshack.net, Myp2p.eu, and Veetle.com and purchase a Megavideo subscription for 19.99 for 3 months which I’ve renewed several times. The reason I buy the Megavideo subscription is because it’s one of the only players that you don’t have to wait for loading before you play the content(usually). It is free but after 72 min a message comes up saying that you have to upgrade or wait an hour before resuming.

I LOOVE the internet. This system is WAY better than paying $100+ per month for comcast cable!

I am also the president of a music website soon to be in beta that will allow content creators to give their content away for free by still making money on unobtrusive ad icons, and utilizing discovery engine like social networking tools to tie content and people together and deliver the content right to them, with literally the click of a button. We will be in beta in 4 months and will officially be the only website to offer actual solutions to all of the problems for independent artists in the music business today. We will eventually move throughout the whole entertainment industry. For more info on our structure check out my latest blog entry: File sharing 3.0: The Fall/Rise of the Pirate at http://mwl-beatplay.blogspot.com/
Written by: Dante Cullari – Founder and President Beat-Play, LLC

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