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The Joshua Farm & Beat-Play – Growing Together [PHOTOS] [EVENT]

It feels amazing to be back in the long, hot days of summer, and nothing says “summer” more than fresh produce.  Recently, I attended the open house at the Joshua Farm in Harrisburg.  It’s an urban farm that sells organic fruits and vegetables while promoting education and vocational services for at-risk youth.  Marking five years of sustainable agriculture and youth employment the farm welcomed the community with tours, scavenger hunts, amazing food from the farm, live music by Crooked Hill and a mural at the entrance of the farm sponsored by Beat-Play.

Just like the music we represent, Beat-Play is an ambassador of diversity.  As a small company, we are proud to cross-pollinate our independent music interests with other brands that promote things that are fresh, innovative, and good for your soul.  While our collaboration with The Joshua Farm may be recognized as a symbolic gesture for growth for everybody involved, Beat-Play believes in the values that are garnered with positive community organizations.  We are proud to partner with The Joshua Farm because we know that they are working for the greater good.

By: Elizabeth Stene & Dave Botero | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC