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Sister Crayon [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]

Sister Crayon is refreshing to listen to.  It’s as simple as that.  Synth music with a trip hop soul takes over your ears… Perhaps that was a little over stated, but the soaring voice of Terra Lopez and Co. mixed with spacious distinct rhythms and carefully placed lo-fi effects is worth a listen.

(In) Reverse – Sister Crayon

“(In) Reverse” is the fourth track from Sister Crayon’s new record called “Bellow” released in February of 2011.

I played solo for about a year under the name (Sister Crayon), and then met Dani Fernandez, who played percussion. She started adding MPC beats to my quiet songs and we fell in love with the sound and just played together for about two more years until we met Nicholas Suhr, who plays drums. There have been a few line-up changes along the way, but we are now a four-piece band with the addition of Jeffrey LaTour, who plays keys and guitar. We are the strongest we’ve ever been. We are all really good friends – really like family, so it’s amazing to be able to play in a band and share ideas and create with blood members.

-Terra Lopez     from Full Frontal Fashion

When listening to this record it’s impossible not to hone in on Terra’s vocals.  Her ethereal voice is a perfect match for the heavy low end rythm backing her up.  The song “Anti-Psalm” off “Bellow” has just the right touch of lo-fi goodness, heavy low end and really good snare work.

Anti-Psalm – Sister Crayon

I just picked this record up having read a little about this band based on an upcoming show in LA on a complete whim.  I love it when stuff like this works out.  I wasn’t expecting this record to be as heavy or dark and distant as it is on some tracks like “Theif-Boxer, Asleep” and “Here we Never Die” in that order, but all the songs on the record work together as a truly rounded album should.  All different moving parts working together to deliver a great listen experience.  And then I got to the last track…

“Souls of Gold” is the last track on the record.  Just awesome.  It’s a little bit more my speed compared to the rest of the record, which is obviously why I’m drawn to it.  After listening to the whole record I just wasn’t expecting to something along those lines.  It was an unexpected taste of synth pop and a perfect way to end this record.

Souls of Gold – Sister Crayon

The best part about Sister Crayon is they are young and creative and willing to push the boundaries of lo-fi synth pop and trip hop.  The melodies are great and the songs are well constructed.  I won’t be surprised and hope I hear more from Sister Crayon in the future.

Here are a few more tracks mentioned in the article for your listening pleasure and a cool video from “Bellow.”

Thief Boxer, Asleep – Sister Crayon

Here We Never Die – Sister Crayon

SISTER CRAYON “I’m Still The Same Person” directed by Abram Pineda-Fischer

You can buy their record “Bellow” here. (iTunes)

Check out tour dates here.

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL |

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Gravity – Band Review – Electronica/Funk/Awesomeness

The Electronica/Trip Hop/Funk band Gravity out of Denver, Co is a MUST see live, however if you can’t get out to the Mile High City just yet, hearing their stuff online is just as satisfying..almost.


Brian Cornell – Keys

Mark Cooley – Guitar / Live Production

Moe Valez – Bass / Synth Bass

Tynan Olsen – Drums

One of the reasons I like Gravity so much is their experimental nature. They play around with a number of different genres and like to blend them together to form something completely different. The result is an energy-packed feel good explosion that will have you head bumping all day.

These guys are on the cutting edge for sure. One could easily describe their sound as electro-funk, but then I think they’d be missing out on the bigger picture. Their music ultimately represents a higher form of creative expression that is something all it’s own. It is really an awesome experience that I recommend everyone check out. This band is ILL!

You can find Gravity’s tour schedule here. Also look out for Gravity’s upcoming EP entitled Fire Sermon. It will be available for free sometime in the coming weeks. You will be able to download it for FREE on their website and you can stay updated by liking them on their Facebook page.

Here’s a sneak peak track off of their upcoming EP. This track is called Virga, which means an observable streak of precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates before reaching the ground. This track is disgusting!

Gravity – “Virga”

Interview w/ Gravity:

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play LLC