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Music Lab Blog: Music Is Your Job

With the advent of new networking tools and various forms of media distribution, many bands and artists are focused on creating a buzz rather than creating great music. Granted, there is a time and place for marketing and promotion. However, when a band focuses more on promotion rather than expressing themselves through their own unique musical talents they run the risk of devaluing their most important asset, their work. We live in a digital world where all we hear is “Facebook this” or “Tweet that,” and while these instruments are powerful tools if implemented efficiently, more often than not, it would behoove the artist to appropriate time in the studio and/or developing their craft instead of aimlessly gallivanting the twitterverse.

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By: Kyle C. Stilley | Online Marketing | @Stillz | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Music Blog Entry: Youtube Music Promo Tips

Youtube has added many new features in the past few years that really give users an innovative way of spreading your video content throughout one of the largest networks online. With the addition of new features comes the transition of useful marketing strategies. Learn how to effectively utilize:

  • Channels for Videos
  • User Connect
  • Tags and Annotations
  • Video Responses

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Labels Aren’t for ANYBODY

Too many bands today spend hours and hours creating new music during the week just to go out and play covers on stage. Honestly, if this is how bands make their money then it will most likely continue in that manner. Independent Artist’s focus today should be building a strategic push of their OWN music to the public. The technological advances online that we’ve consistently seen in the past 20 years can shape the strategy in which you focus on.
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Myspace: Don’t Waste Your Time!

MusicWithoutLabels believes that any social networking platform, if used properly and maintained proficiently, can be used to effectively promote a brand, a band, a business, etc. Studies have shown social media platforms can increase brand recognition, promote constructive criticism, and create exposure. These platforms also allow the user to create an intimate, more personal connection with fans and new listeners. Facebook, at the moment, is creating the most buzz and will hold that crown for the immediate future. As with all technology, fads come, Twitter, and they go, Myspace.

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Linkedin A New Class???

Linkedin has been an increasingly successful business network of over 65 million users, connecting them to exchange information, ideas, and potential business opportunities. This network allows users to connect with other professionals within three degrees of separation (a friends, friends, friend). This gives those who don’t know you the ability to see some of your posts, activity, or ask you questions.

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Twitter’s Down :(

This sucks, but it always fascinates me. Can’t wait to see what the reason was this time. I will be following on Google.

Update: I guess they were out for about a half hour, but they seem to be working now. I’ll be looking for reasons..

Update 22: This is an article well worth reading about Twitter problems:

Tweets From Space will not Fix Twitter’s Problems


As we have now seen, new account creation on Twitter has dried up. Even more so, I still get 503 error messages, fail whales, and other assorted problems daily. The site is broken, the service still crashes, it has lost nearly all its growth momentum, and has yet to monetize outside of two commercial deals. Oh, that and the Twitter spam problem has not even begun to be corrected.

And what are we all talking about? One poorly typed Tweet from outer space. Is that what we should be focusing on? What about Twitter still being broken? What about these traffic graphs showing Twitter completely stagnant in its home market:   …

Update 8800: Twitter not working again..not that that’s really news…sorry, they just don’t seem to be conducting their business properly. What ever happened to listening to users, and trying to be helpful?

Last Update: I just realized I didn’t post the times of the previous updates. The first two were actually only about 4 minutes apart, but by the time I posted the first one it had already been about 5 minutes since I had noticed the problem. Then by the time I had finished reading that article I posted above, and I checked on the status again, Twitter went down again. When I first noticed the problem, It was about 7:16am est, and it is now 8:00 am est and it has been working just fine for almost 15 minutes. Gotta love tech!