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The New Motels – “My Radio” [VIDEO]

Rockin’ out some fun tunes from the Philadelphia area are The New Motels with their music video for “My Radio”. They have a very relaxed airy feel, incorporating folk and pop to their indie rock style, makes it great music to just kick back and enjoy some tunes. Visit their website for more music.

CocoRosie – Smoky Taboo [MUSIC]

The soothing sounds of CocoRosie help to relax your mind. Smoky Taboo is just beautiful off of their newest album “Grey Oceans”. Click the image above to view more from the album and past work.

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Alberta Cross – “ATX” [MUSIC]

Found this awesome track today on reddit. This indie alternative rock group from Brooklyn, New York bring an awesome early 90s grunge feel similar to that of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Enjoy, “ATX” from their most recent album, ‘Broken Side Of Time’ and click the image above for more music by Alberta Cross.

JJ Grey & MOFRO – “The Sweetest Thing” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If you’re a fan The Derek Trucks Band you’re going to love the same feel good sound JJ Grey & MOFRO bring to the table with, “The Sweetest Thing”. The slow blues build up in the beginning transitions perfectly with their souther rock tone in the chorus.  This southern group out of Jacksonville, Florida is currently touring the south eastern states, so I would highly recommend checking out their tour schedule and finding some time to jam out. You can also visit their website to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of “The Sweetest Thing”.