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Reggie Watts – ‘It’s Only Life/Primary Tracks’ [Video]

Another one of the most innovative dudes out there right now. This song is so dope too! Wait til the middle..


Lasse Gjertsen – Stop Motion Drum and Piano [Video]

This is really sick. I’m surprised there’s not more of these out there. Lasse Gjertsen is a pretty funny dude, check out his website.


Tinchy Stryder & Crew live w/ 10 iPads at The Carphone Warehouse, London [Video]

These guys rip it up. This might make you look twice at the iPad, if only for music, for real.


Amazing Street Performer – Dub FX – Beatboxing, Looping, Singing – Reggae/Hip Hop [Video]

This guy is ridiculous, you gotta hear this shit. I’d buy his cd if I saw him doing that shit in the street..

I have no idea who this guy is or where he is from, but he’s amazing. (He says his name is Dub FX in the beginning). I think this really speaks to the volume of talent out there that’s still left to be discovered around the world. Never underestimate people.

Just found another ridiculous video from Dub FX on the roof top, he’s got plenty, (and a pretty big following too) he’s dirty:


Broken Fingaz – Graffiti Stop Motion [VIDEO]

Ew!! These guys are disgusting!

First animation clip from Tant and Unga of the “broken fingaz crew” from Israel.

Music by Boreta and edIT of The Glitch Mob


That’s Pretty Underground [VIDEO]

Ha this is fcking hilarious


Jam Session 2.0 – Collaboration Amalgamation [VIDEO]

Emcee: Dumbfoundead

Singer: Esna Yoon

Emcee: Herbal T (Portugese/Spanish/English)

MPC (Drum Machine): CAV3
“GHOST PHUNK” at CAV3.bandcamp.com

Guitar: Tio

Scratches: DJ Zo

Piano: Lukas (YoungPianoTV)

Bass: Chris Hong

Mixed Down by: Tio

Free Download of the song here.

8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song.

Brian at CAIN MOSNI thought of a cool concept and coordinated a virtual “jam session” with musicians from all over the world!

If you ask me this is more like jam session 3.0. I see stuff like this happening more and more, especially as the technology to record with others online gets more common, or popular. I posted a while ago about a couple of programs  that allow you to do this. One is Digital Musician and the other is NINJAM. They both look really sick. I’m not sure what program these guys used.

I would love to see a website where artists can jam like this live and people can just go and watch. I think that’d be sick as fck. I also think software like that could cause the creation of a lot of new bands, that otherwise might not exist. I think the potential there is BIG.