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Sarah Fimm – “White Birds” [Animated Music Video]

Sarah Fimm is an AMAZING singer/songwriter currently out of Woodstock, NY. She sends a great message of hope throughout her music. You really have to hear it. The animation in this video is incredible too! Check it out:

Directed by http://www.newspeak.tv

You also need to hear this next song from Sarah. It’s called “Afraid” It has one of the strongest choruses I’ve ever heard with a female vocal. If you can, put it on some good speakers and crank it up to the max. It is INCREDIBLE. Enjoy!

Sarah is now supporting her 6th release titled, ‘The Vanishing Sessions’, and nearing completion of album 7. She’s also got another project called Karma Phala that is an amazing amalgamation of paintings, photography and music that she is giving away for free to support the spread of great music and raise awareness of the struggles of independent artists. You can follow all that Sarah is doing on her Facebook page. She is really doing amazing things.