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Euforquestra Live at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO [Photos] [Free Download]

Euforquestra Live at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO

Jimmy Iles Beat-Play Euforquestra

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Download Euforquestra’s New Album “Soup” for Free!!!!!

Photography By: Jimmy Iles | Director of Artist Relations | @JimmyMWL | Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

The Often Not Found Playlist #13

Click To Taste!

1. Hip Hop / Rap

Stacey Dee – Hero

3. Dubstep / Dance

HasH – Stop n Go

4. Hip Hop / Rap

Emmanuel Jackson – Bizerk

5. Powerpop / Soul / Rock

The Dustin Morris Show – See You Happy

6. Instrumental / Acoustic / Piano

Fabrizio Paterlini – Passaggi

7. Acoustic / Folk

Amanda Diva – Dusk Til Dawn

10. House / World

The Novel Ideas – A Breath of Fresh Air

12. Garage / Dub / Jungle

Damnesia-Vu – Mental Floss

13. Alt / Acoustic

FLomid – Broad Daylight

14. Dubstep / House

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The Independent Fight Below the Belt – How South American Independents are Organizing

Being in Colombia for 3 weeks has given me an amazing picture of what it’s like on the other side of the equator, especially for independent artists and aspiring people all together.

There are a couple more limitations there than in the U.S., but for the most part, we all have the same problems. Even the solutions we have in the U.S. don’t solve our problems, so though South American countries may be farther behind, the same problems are left without solutions.

For example, in Colombia they don’t have iTunes. In fact, they don’t have any major website for them to sell their music to their fans in Colombia, and even if they did, most people don’t have credit cards, so it’s hard for them to pay.

In America, we have iTunes, and a 1000 other websites that allow you to sell your music, in exchange for one high percentage or another, and the people here do have credit cards, but they still don’t buy their music. The problems are the same, but they are not so apparent at first glance.

Even if Colombia had iTunes they would still have problems. They need a website that allows them to make money from their music not directly from their fans, but through advertisements or sponsors. That way people not having credit cards would not matter.

The big problem though, here and there, is promotion. iTunes, nor any of the other websites I’ve seen (and I’ve just about seen 85% of them, including a lot of start-ups that are in, or almost in beta) provide a practical and efficient form of promotion for independent artists that is both free and incredibly effective.

That’s what we all need! We in the U.S., though we like to think the opposite, are still very far from realizing any real solutions.

What Colombia does have, that the U.S. doesn’t to the extent, is the organization of the independent artist communities. There are thousands of creative and amazingly talented independent artists in Medellin, Colombia, where I was primarily, and their drive is incredible.

There is not really a want in the artists to get signed there, though they do have some small independent and some major label recognition. The artists there however, do a pretty good job at realizing other ways to get paid, and they also take the independent artist title pretty professionally.

There’s one group of indie artists in particular that I was introduced to, who meet weekly to develop strategies for how independent artists can stabilize themselves in their community and support themselves. They also have a publication that they developed to keep people in the loop. It is called Revista Musica, http://www.revistamusica.com/ or translated, Music Magazine. They refer to themselves as an amalgamation, not just a group. It’s really that simple.

This is their Vision, as translated by Google:

Use Music Magazine as a means to enable the production of national and international concerts of national artists, from the understanding of our musical expression as a competitive resource and a chance for social development.

I filmed an interview with one of the key members of the organization, and I will post it sometime this month for sure. There is actually a LOT of great footage from my whole trip that I will definitely share on this blog.

One great strategy that this group brought up was for the whole team of independent artists to talk with their local government officials about merging the independent music of the city, with the tourism of the city. Their idea was to use the artists as another resource to draw people in. Anywhere there is a public tourist spot, there should be independent artist’s music playing…Museums, Mono-Rails, Parks ect..

This was one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve heard in a long time as a strategy to proliferate the music. It seems like the people there just think harder about the issues, maybe even because there aren’t as many other options available. I think the lack of a cloud of options around them is actually more beneficial to them getting the desired results.

I talked to another artist who was telling me about trying to get his band’s music to play before a movie starts, or in elevators, or certain public bathrooms. Their thinking is very multi-dimensional.

It’s awesome that they’ve discovered the practical perception that the music itself can be a tourist attraction. And it turns out that selling that idea to their local government, being as it does make a lot of sense, isn’t really all that hard. They are in talks with them now, and plans seem to be moving forward.

I will most certainly track the progress of this awesomely innovative independent artist movement going on in Medellin. I am sure that they are not the only ones around the world banning together like this. After all, the problems are the same everywhere, but I would hope that we in the U.S. try to look past the fog of bad options that can sometimes cloud our view, and I hope we embrace measures to ban together in order to accomplish our true, shared goals, and learn a lesson from our peers in other countries.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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Kids Ruling the World? Open Wide for the Jumbo Jet..

Sounds like not much would get done..but it could be more fun. In today’s smart phone social culture, information is more readily available than ever before. As of now, no one really knows the full repercussions of this on our society, but some signs have already begun to pop up.

Probably the most obvious is Mark Zuckerberg who is now 25 going on 26, and was only 20 when he started Facebook in 2004. 6 years later his website has over 350 million members and even old lame people are forced to jump on. Why is this? Because Mark came up with a better way to use the web as a tool to communicate than was previously in place. In my opinion, this could have only come from a younger person.

Being born in 1984, the exact year 29 year old Steve Jobs and Apple Computers launched their most famous product ever, the Macintosh, Mark Zuckerberg had grown up with computers. He was even programming in middle school; something which a decade before would have been reserved for only the most experienced hardware and tech nerds, and something which may not have happened if it wasn’t for people like Jobs and Woz.

For my father(58), to have seen the transformation from black & white photos and TV to all of the ridiculous gadgets made available today, like 3d printing and color multi-touch phones, just to have had email would have been sufficient. Email works soo much better than what he was used to growing up, that imagining better is made much harder, and seemingly useless in his eyes.

The bar with the younger generation is being set way higher, and we can expect this trend to continue exponentially. Another point to make is the rate at which change and innovation in business online can occur. Computers and the internet make everything amazingly easier to edit, update, change, delete, recover, and so on. This new medium has the potential to implement changes on a society scale much faster than was ever possible in the past, and increase our societal advancements exponentially as well, to follow along with the trend of doubling microchip capacity every 1-2 years.

Another reason for the breakthrough successes of many younger entrepreneurs may very well be their “naive” outlooks on the world. They seem misaligned with reality’s crushing sting and unfazed by thoughts of the many hopeless boundaries awaiting. However they’re amazingly successful..how could this be? Check out this excerpt from an AOL Small Business Blog titled A Teen Millionaire’s Three Principles to Success

“I’ve been fortunate enough to make my first million before graduating from high school and buy my own house at 20. At 21, I’ve now put away enough in savings and other investments that I could practically retire today . . . if I wanted to. But of course, that’s the last thing on earth I’d want to do. I just enjoy it all too much. Not to say the money isn’t important, but frankly, it’s not why I do what I do. I do it because I love it.” – Cameron Johnson

I can hear the passion in his voice just reading his words. Is this naive, or relevant? Actually, the answer to this question is a bit peculiar.

We are in the middle of a strange paradigm shift where the technology created by the older generation has effected society so much, that most of the problems that they faced in the past can be solved by this new technology. This doesn’t mean however, that the problems have been solved, because the older generation has somewhat failed, or has been slower to realize, that this is possible. Now though, It does mean that many members of the younger generation are beginning to realize these solutions that the internet and computers provide, and we’re beginning to implement them at tremendous paces.

Here’s a great analogy:
It’s like if the inventor of the light bulb was blind, and couldn’t really see the potential for his invention, so it sat idle; until one day another thinker with sight comes along, sees the potential, and installs telephone poles to carry the light around the globe. Now with this first invention of the light bulb, any innovator after will be able to see and work much longer, increasing the productivity for these potentially younger generations, solving potentially many problems at once, that would not have been solved if the potential of the lightbulb had not been realized. It wasn’t enough just for the invention to be created, but the potential had to be reached. Younger generations will always find new applications for great inventions. Thomas Edison would have never imagined 3D Imax Movie Projectors, or LEDs.

The internet’s progress has almost been put on hold compared to how fast it could be moving, because of the failure of the older generations to realize the true potential of computers, and especially the net. The main problem right now is that all of the best innovators are mostly too young to afford to maintain a start up, and only the most savvy, or lucky ones, actually make it.

This reminds me of a story. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Doug Herzog, the President of Viacom. This is the same Doug Herzog who was president of Fox a while back and decided to cancel Family Guy..a mistake which the younger generation would haunt him with until he eventually left a year later. He was also featured in an episode of South Park that wanted to show a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, but Doug decided to censor it, which earned him a place in the show.

We met to discuss my business plan for Beat-Play. (BeatPlay Beta Overview) I won’t get into that right now, but one of the first things he told me was that he really had no idea what was going on at MTV on the “ground level.” He said he was just “so far separated from it.” After explaining my model to him, he couldn’t understand how Beat-Play was any different than iTunes. He couldn’t see how a completely free website that could solve piracy, promotion, and revenue problems for independent artists all over the world, was different than paying 99 cents for mostly artists heard on the radio. Me being 19 at the time, and him being unwilling to be schooled by a “kid”, I thanked Doug for his time, and strolled out.

This was one of the first signs of this “Senior blindness” that I had encountered. The truth is, iTunes doesn’t even begin to solve the problems the music business is still plagued with, but I guess being able to download music onto a mobile device you fit in your pocket is far enough away from old 45’s and 8-tracks that it’s easier to settle for the current circumstances. It may be better than before, but that doesn’t make it good! Also, a problem that still occurs to this day is that the problems with the music industry have been around so long that it’s not even feasible for many people that they could actually be solved..probably because before the internet, they couldn’t be..

This is a great quote from Inc Magazine blog titled A Portfolio of Young Business Owners

“Only five years ago, two enterprising teens might have mowed lawns to earn spending money. Today they can start a company on the Web. That’s how it worked for the co-founders of Switchpod, Weina Scott and Jake Fisher. And, oh yeah, they live 1,440 miles apart–she’s in Miami, and he’s in Rochester, Minnesota.”

Now wait until the younger generation reaches the full potential of the internet. Imagine how many other problems will be solved by more efficient organizational structure embedded into our societies.

Dare I say this is the first time in history that the younger generation may actually know better than the ones before it. Well..isn’t that what you would hope for? Things have changed..now it’s just up to people to realize it.

Written by: Dante Cullari, Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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