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Velocity Touch Sensitive Interfaces, Pressure Sensitive Ribbons, 3D Virtual Hand-Tracking Midi Controllers – Music is Still Growing

When I look at some of the new interfaces/instruments that continue to be rolled out, it makes me think about how each new musical device that comes out offers it’s own distinct set of new opportunities for artists. That then leads me to think about all the opportunities that can be created when you combine multiple devices like this together. This forces me to conclude that we have not even come close to seeing, or hearing, the full potential of what music is capable of being today. In other words, there is A LOT of room for growth. I think music creation is getting more interesting than it ever has been.  Check some of this stuff out:

Go to Create Digital Music for more info on what you’ve seen above.


The Absolut Choir from Teenage Engineering

ABSOLUT CHOIR looks and sounds like no choir you are likely to have ever experiences before. In setting up an advanced framework of speech synthesizers, Teenage Engineering has created a multi-channel robotic choir, comprising 22 singing dolls in various shapes and sizes.

All Absolut Choir characters are connected to the mother CPU unit via Ethernet and high quality Neutrik power connectors. Check out a demonstration below:

This one’s pretty damn cool as well:


The Pocket Piano [Synth] by Critter and Guitari

I’m probably going to have to get one of these..

The Pocket Piano is a mini electronic synthesizer with a big sound! The synthesizer features six unique modes:

• Vibrato Synth
• Harmonic Sweeper
• Two-Octave Arpeggiator
• Octave Cascade
• Mono FM Synth
• FM Arpeggiator

The Pocket Piano is housed in a sturdy aluminum and hardwood case and also includes a built-in speaker, a 1/4″ output jack, and wooden keys made for a refined touch. It can be powered both by a 9V battery or a wall wart (not included).

When you change modes with the right-most wooden button, a color LED above that button indicates what mode is selected with a different color for each mode. The entire keyboard may be tuned over a 2 octave range by turning the knob second from right. Volume is controlled by the right-most knob. The function of the remaining two left knobs depend on what mode is selected, and are described below. There is also a button that selects waveform (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth) in the first four modes, and shifts the keyboard an octave higher in the last two modes.

Price: $175

There’s a lot more cool stuff at Critter and Guitari’s Website, including the 3 Channel Video Synthesizer (shown above) and the Kaleidoloop (shown below).


Diego Stocco – The Bassoforte – Homemade Creation

“Few days ago I started thinking about how I could re-purpose the keyboard of the dismantled piano I keep in the garden, so I thought to build a new instrument by combining it with some other parts I had laying around.

I ended up with this mechanical hybrid thing I thought to call “Bassoforte” (bass + pianoforte).

The neck is from a broken electric bass, as a bridge I used a cabinet handle, the pickups are from a guitar, and the part at the top where the strings are attached is a chimney cap, which works as resonator as well as percussive sound.

The track I created is a tribute to my Dad who is a big fan of Western comic books and “spaghetti western” films, and because of him I am too.”

I hope you’ll like it!

The track is available also at my Bandcamp page: http://diegostocco.bandcamp.com/track…

Here you can see a gallery with pictures and more detailed descriptions:http://www.behance.net/gallery/Bassof…


Jakub Ciupinski – Modified Theremins


The Laser Harp!

Wow, that would be crazy fun.



The TENORI-ON 16 x 16 LED button matrix is simultaneously a performance input controller and display. By operating and interacting with the LED buttons and the light they produce you gain access to the TENORI-ON’s numerous performance capabilities.
The TENORI-ON provides six different performance and sound / light modes for broad performance versatility, and these modes can be combined and used simultaneously for rich, complex musical expression.

The Six Modes

More Here


Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer – the first human synth – Sick Live Performance

Probably the hottest instrument I’ve ever seen..

New Instrument – The Air Piano

Music just got a little more advanced:

The Craziest Instruments Ever – Odd Music Gallery

Check it out!