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It’s Time for Indie Artists to Organize, Now More Than Ever! – Join the Music Without Labels Community! – There are Great Benefits to Be Had!!

Right now it is more important than ever for independent artists to organize together. Music Without Labels is an environment dedicated to the ideas and solutions that are going to carry indie artists to where they want to be: in complete control, and with as many options as possible to further their careers.

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Radio Reddit: The New Top 40? – Why not?

I’m a frequent redditor, and I can remember a couple months back seeing a reddit post asking users if they would listen to a radio station driven by reddit. They seemed to get a pretty great response, so they actually created one. It’s been interesting tracking Radio Reddit along this journey. Click to Enlarge:

Play Your Own Music. Stop Playing Covers

You’re a famous musician and you walk into a small home-town bar to hear a local independent band playing one of your hits. You know you’re not getting paid for it but your song is being played to promote the name of another band who is clearly being paid by the venue. If your song plays on the radio, you receive a payout for this. So where is the difference here?

With companies in place today like ASCAP(American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) bands and venues can be sued for promoting the playback of cover music. These companies are in place to make sure their contracted artists receive the royaties they deserve from any type of playback from radio all the way to television advertisements. The problem arises where they don’t employ enough people to keep a full tally of this, leaving many playbacks unheard.

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Labels Aren’t for ANYBODY

Too many bands today spend hours and hours creating new music during the week just to go out and play covers on stage. Honestly, if this is how bands make their money then it will most likely continue in that manner. Independent Artist’s focus today should be building a strategic push of their OWN music to the public. The technological advances online that we’ve consistently seen in the past 20 years can shape the strategy in which you focus on.
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Gillian Hobbs Album Review – Something to Write Home About – Folk/Acoustic

Artist Name:
Gillian Hobbs

Album Title:
Something to Write Home About


How Tech is Changing the Tone of Music as We Know it

Here I’m going to introduce you to 4 music technologies in particular that have already begun to change the music landscape as we know it. Let’s get right into it.

The Cubes:

First we have Percussa’s Audio Cubes. They’re some of the coolest new music making “instruments” out right now. Here’s how they work, straight from Percussa’s website:

“Each AudioCube is identical. You connect them with a USB cable to your computer, one after the other, and assign a colour and behaviour. After that, they work wirelessly with each other, and use their four onboard infrared sensors to communicate and measure distances to objects nearby. One cube stays connected, to pass the information from the cubes to the software on your computer.”  More Here.

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Optimize Your Facebook Page with FBML

Want to really customize your company or band’s fan page? With the use of the FBML (Facebook Markup Language) application you open a new window of possibilities for sharing your information. Build fully customizable pages where users can interact with your companies site right from Facebook. Don’t force people in a certain direction; be where they already are.

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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #12

This week is pretty all over the place. They’re all great songs, just depends what you like. There’s a lot of funny songs in here, the first one being my favorite. Also there’s a lot of UK artists reppin in here. But there’s also artists from New Zealand and the Cook Islands. It’s a sick stew. Click to taste! Enjoy!

1. I Fight Dragons – I Fight Ganon (Legend of Zelda Theme Live)

2. The Faint – The Conductor (Thin White Duke RMX)

3. Meiko – Said and Done

4. Nonima – Data Lines

5. Mae Day – 101 Bars

6. Smarton Trio – Weightlessness

7. Strike Four – Butterfly

8. FLSM – With our Willies

9. DJ LOL – Flasback

10. Audio-Warfare! – Euphoria (feat. NiteStylez)


12. Sia – Breath Me

13. Jonathan Coutlon – Tom Cruise Crazy

14. My First EarthQuake – Vow to Vowels

15. Bearbot – Your Friends

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The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #6

Just got off the phone with my lead developer. We are still in beginning stages of internal beta, and next Tuesday we’ll be finally uploading to our server, which is a Rackspace server, the same company Youtube used before they got bought out by Google.

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Mustafa Mixtape Review – SICK!! * Free Sample

Artist Name:


Mixtape Title:



Hip Hop

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