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She Man Lion – “Mexican” [MUSIC] [FREE DOWNLOAD]


She Man Lion

Hailing from Observatory, Cape Town, She Man Lion spent two years honing their skills before their breakthrough performance to a packed Zula Sound Bar in August 2008. The band rose to an initial crescendo in 2009 with their winning the Red Bull Radar competition at Rocking the Daisies Festival. Growing interest in SHE MAN LION’S synth-driven uplifting dance music led to performances with the likes of top local acts BLK JKS, Desmond & the Tutus, Kidofdoom and Lark. After a line up change in early 2010 the band went on to perform at Rocking the Daisies 2010 with renewed energy, further progressing their sound into the new decade.



By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC


The Weeknd – “Rolling Stone” [NEW MUSIC]

The Weeknd

The Weeknd just dropped his latest tracks on youtube last week and for some reason it has been removed because it violates Youtubes Terms and Services!!!! DUMB!!! Thanks to soundcloud we were able to grab the original version of this instant acoustic-vibin’ hit brought to you by 2011’s top R&B artist. Definitely staying consistent with his quality continually raising the bar higher and higher for himself. Here is “Rolling Stone”

So we finally got ahold of that track, but that’s not all that’s going on in the music world of The Weeknd. Since his infamous release of House Of Balloons earlier this year, many fans have been comprising music videos for the artist to show there never-ending support. Some videos weren’t really recognized by the Weeknd but others kindly caught his graces such as the most recent release for his track “Wicked Games”. Directed by Storm Saulter

Shapes – “I’m OK” [VIDEO]

Shapes, an NYC-outfit, self -describes as “Gutter-glam, A true melding of pop and punk, sans penis and fart jokes. Brutally honest and ugly lyrics set to undeniably poppy music. Songs of love and death. This music is the sound of yearning. An earnest, sober (sometimes… but not too often), & mournful acceptance that life will never be what you want it to, tempered by an undying youthful exuberance and acceptance of nothing. It is the sound of going down drinking and swinging. SHAPES, will forever go, anything, but gentle(!), into that good night.”

I enjoyed hearing Shapes for the first time, partially because it was refreshing to hear something different, but mainly because it’s just a pretty awesome song. The video invokes nausea because of the camera perspective, but if you close your eyes (or minimized the browser) that feeling will be alleviated. You can check out their facebook page or follow them @shapesband for more information.

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Rebel Ramon – “They Can’t Stop Me” [VIDEO]

From an early age, Brandon Ramon was attracted to sports and Hip-hop music. He can recall listening to songs like “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend.”

While his passion for hip-hop grew through childhood, his calling was not manifested until post-adolescence.

Brought up in the city of Richmond, Virginia, Brandon used events from his tumultuous upbringing, to fuel his music, even adopting the alias of the “Voice of Struggle.”

There’s something that just authentic about listening to Rebel Ramon. His music depicts the hardships of living in the inner-city while also presenting positive messages throughout. Recently, I randomly stumbled upon his latest video, “They Can’t Stop Me,” which presumably will also be featured on Rebel Ramon’s “Brainstorm EP” that is set to launch at the end of June. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this young hip-hop artist.

You can follow his tweets @RebelRamon.

Kyle C. Stilley | Marketing Strategist | @stillz | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC | kyle@musicwithoutlabels.com

Fiery I Live at Soma in San Diego, CA [Photos]

Fiery I performing live at Soma in San Diego, CA

Click the pic for more concert shots!

Be sure to catch one of Fiery I’s action-packed live shows if you’re in the Southern California area. These guys have one goal: “to make sweet love to your ears”.


Photography By: Shane Suski |Ambassador of Photography | San Diego, CA| @shanewithmwl | Beat-Play and Music Without Labels, LLC

Hannah Miller – “The Reason Why” [VIDEO]

Hannah Miller‘s soulful voice is on full display in her newest music video to her track, “The Reason Why.” The gentleness of her voice provides such comfort as her sultry lyrics dance to the solemn notes of a reverent piano. Miller, a Tennessee native, creates a delicate yet powerful tone in “The Reason Why,” a theme which seems recurrent in a lot of her recorded work.

Hannah Miller will be touring the during summer months in states up and down the eastern shore. You can review her tour schedule on her blog and facebook page.

Last year, Miller released her fourth independent album,  Journey to the Moon, which four-track set is inspired by love and life. Along with three other tracks, you can find “Way About You,” a catchy jingle set to a retro-themed video.

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The Great Apes – “Mad Again/I’m Bad Like Jesse James” [MUSIC]

the great apes

The Great Apes are a blues-rock band out of Cape Town.  Under the influence of old blues legends like Muddy Waters and Odetta, this band has alot of soul. Layers of spirit and primal noise create a monster of seductive rock ‘n roll.  The five apes include Yusif Sayigh on vocals, Pienaar Du Plessis in control of rhythm guitar, Antonie Gunter mastering feedback on lead guitar, Jacques Stemmet grooving base and Jaekan Coetzee smashing drums.  They have played at various venues throughout South Africa – check out their song Mad Again/I’m Bad Like Jesse James here.

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC