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Ryan Adams – Lucky Now [NEW MUSIC]

Ryan Adams officially shared the first single off his upcoming Glyn Johns produced LP, Ashes & Fire, in the form of “Lucky Now” a beautiful, sparse acoustic tune washed in light drums, a melodic electric guitar solo, and some piano from Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ ).

Stream the (all-analog) recording below

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now

The full album now with official cover art is available to pre-order on vinyl, CD, or with “Ryan Adams 3D glasses” here.

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“Always Anyway,” the new album from Three Legged Fox releases with hit single “Let You Down”

Five years ago, Three Legged Fox unleashed its musical vibes upon the masses. Since then, they have hit the national scene, sharing the stage with some of this country’s most prominent reggae acts, such as SOJA, Rebellution, and many others. On August 16th, this conglomerate, formed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, released their third full-length studio album, entitled Always, Anyway.

Three Legged Fox is comprised of four members: Kyle Wareham provides the vocals and fret play, Kory Kochersperger the beats, with Tommy Mosca and Mark Carson rounding out the guitar section, lead and bass respectively. Of the album, they’ve noted, “We knew from the word ‘go’ that we wanted to go really big on this one.  We wanted big sounds, accessible songs, and an overall modern approach.  We felt as though we had already done the raw, stripped down thing twice; and we had done the whole reggae horns, arrangement type of thing with the last album.  It was within us to understand that we’re not a traditional American reggae band; we’re an alternative rock, reggae band.  Ultimately, realizing what we are, and what we aren’t made it much easier and a lot of fun making this new album.”

This approach is evident in Always, Anyway. The music seems so organic. Even though they claim to be a hybrid-genre outfit, it never seems as though they are overreaching to fit into a certain genre, but rather celebrating the juxtaposition of the two. To the listener, the experience of having varying styles from track-to-track definitely creates anticipation while moving through the album. From the guitar-driven “Half Filled Boxes” to “Grace (Here With You),” a sweeping ballad of sorts, Always, Anyway is very well-rounded album that will continue to gain exposure as Three Legged Fox tours to promote the album. You can find tour dates as well as more information about the album at their official website. As aforementioned, “Let You Down” is the first release single from the out. Check out the video below.

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TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light [NEW MUSIC]

'Nine Types of Light' is the band's first album recorded outside of New York.


1. This TV On The Radio album, NineTypes of Light (Interscope), isa lush and beautiful album that stands apart from the group’s previous work. Iftheir other albums had shades of dystopia and distress, this album, sung byTunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone, is filled with songs about longing and love.”I like love songs. There’s nothing particularly interesting going on withme in my life to bear this work. I like the forms of love songs, thepoetry.” Kyp adds that though there might be more “positivity”on this album, it wasn’t an overall conceit they set out to do. “We’veattempted to work on themes before but they fall apart very quickly. Moreorganic versions arise because we’re sharing time or space orcommunication.”

Though Nine Types of Lightwill sound like an album full of love songs, often the true meaning of thesongs lie deeper. On “You,” Tunde sings a haunted refrain;you’re the only one I have ever loved.The sincerity of his voice sells the idea of absolute adoration. But Tundeexplains, “It’s a song about the feeling you get sometimes when you’reexpressing how much you care about someone but resorting to these beautifulsounding lies. You’re the only one I ever loved? It’s a terrible thing to sayto someone because it’s most likely not true.”

2. Nine Types of Light is the fourth albumfrom TV on the Radio. You will want to refer to it as the “fourth properstudio album” from TV On The Radio; those albums were preceded by an EP, Young Liars, and an 18-track handmadeCD called OK Calculator, that isconsidered more like a demo tape (because it was “released” by beinghidden in random sofa cushions of New York coffee shops). Enhancing nearlyevery aspect of their Shortlist Prize-winning Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, 2006’s Return to Cookie Mountain was released to crazy universal acclaim. Rolling Stone said “It might be the mostoddly beautiful, psychedelic and ambitious album of the year,” with The New York Times agreeing: “It’s more experimental yet catchier, more introspective yet moreassertive, by turns gloomier and funnier, and above all richer in both soundand implication. ‘Return to CookieMountain’ is simply one of this year’s best albums.”

Nine Types of Light is the follow-up tothe band’s gorgeous, glorious 2008 release, Dear Science, and proved to be its breakout release. It was namedalbum of the year by Rolling Stone, Spin,Pitchfork, Entertainment WeeklyandMTV; and touring behind the album, the group sold out a year’s worth oflive shows across the world. This, however, did not prevent everyone fromreferring to TV On The Radio as a Brooklyn band. That is not a bad thing. Thegroup – Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, DaveSitek, Jaleel Bunton, Gerard Smith – are indeed from Brooklyn.

3. But sometimes it’s ok to leave. The band recorded Nine Types of Light in Los Angeles, thefirst time they have recorded outside of Brooklyn. In 2010, the group’smulti-instrumentalist, producer and sometimes beat-boxer, Dave Sitek, moved toLos Angeles because that’s where the money he wanted a change ofscenery. Nine Types of Light wasrecorded at his home studio. The experience of recording away from the friendlyconfines of Greenpoint and Williamsburg wasn’t such a pleasant one, however,but not because of any reactionary dislike of LA that sometimes comes from NewYorkers. “I actually like Los Angeles a lot,” says Jaleel. “Butif there’s a bohemian part of the city, a place that can be a creativesanctuary, we were staying in a place that was the opposite.”

“It was in a high-end mall down the street from Rodeo Drive,and a few blocks from the Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery,” saysTunde. “And they were doing construction on our floor the whole time wewere there. It wasn’t so much squalor as it was…if I were a door-to-doorsalesman, it’s where I would kill myself.”

Nine Types of Light was written andrecorded in about three months – slightly quicker than they’ve recorded anyprevious album.

4. TV On The Radio do not write traditional pop songs. Often, theychange direction two or three times in one song. Distorted guitars, saunteringand reverberating bass,

TVOTR tunes are just-barely containing an explosive amount ofenergy underneath itself – and that tension is nothing less than thrilling. Ithas become somewhat of a signature of the band, particularly matched withTunde’s serene and poetic vocals. On this album, the group takes an admittedlysimpler approach to some of their songs. “Will Do,” starts out withwind chimes before giving away to that trademark buzz, with Tunde singing aboutthe yearning for his ungovernable, unrequited love of another. “I thinkthe songs on this album, to me, maybe sound simpler,” Tunde says.”But it just might be that we have gotten better at what we do.”

Other songs on Nine TypesOf Light include more up-tempo post-rock jams like “No Future Shock”(vocals by Kyp) and the ’80s-rap-beat “Caffeinated Consciousness,”which sounds like it was influenced by Big Audio Dynamite.

TV On The Radio's new disc presents their most hummable melodies and enjoyable beats ever.

5. Nine Types of Light might sound like apeculiar name for an album. Perhaps a reference to a core scientific principleon the refraction of sunlight. Or a grand ideology of film or photographytechniques. But the album title actually isn’t a reference to anythingspecific, the band says. It holds no cryptic meaning. “It’s something thatkept circling around in my head,” Tunde says. “It struck me as oddthat that phrase, when you keep it to just nine types of light, it’s excludinga billion other types of light. I like how it’s a little slippery.” Thus,no one should ask Tunde to actually list the nine types of light he isreferring to.

6. There is a cycle that a band goes through with each release thatinvolves recording an album, releasing it and then touring behind it. For agroup with a loyal and growing fan-base like TV On The Radio, that cycle canlast about two years, which is an awful lot of time to spend with people in a highly-creativeenvironment. This is what happened after Dear Science. “After the lastshow (for Dear Science), I just wanted to do anything that wasn’t this,”Tunde explains. “It was such an intense experience – not bad or goodnecessarily, just intense. I spent a lot of time after that writing and drawingpictures.” Says Gerard Smith, “It allows us to do the other things wewant to do, or to just decompress, and then come back to the band with somefocus. We don’t ever want to feel like we have to do this, that it’s a job,necessarily.”

7. As celebrated and wonderful as TV On The Radio is, the entity isnot enough to contain the entire creative thirst of its members, and the band’sfive members accomplished in the time between albums. Tunde and Gerard wroteand composed music for “The Lottery,” a documentary that looks atpublic education through the eyes of Harlem’s Success Academy annual intakelottery. Tunde also worked on a series of short films that he says may or maynot ever see the light of day. He, of course, also starred in theOscar-nominated film, Rachel GettingMarried. Gerard spent time making music on his own, producing new musicfrom the NYC-based Midnight Masses. Jaleel spent the period in between recordsmoving out from behind the drums to playing guitar again, his first instrument.He also played in the blues and gospel band, Reverend Vince Anderson & HisLove Choir (“One of my favorite gigs ever,” he says), and continuedto periodically tend bar at legendary Lower East Side bar, Max Fish.

Dave Sitek released his own solo album under the name, MaximumBalloon (DGC/Interscope), which featured friends like Karen O, TheophilusLondon and David Byrne. He played with, collaborated with and produced artistslike the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wale and Holly Miranda. Recently he announced hewould be producing and playing bass on the new album from Jane’s Addiction. Kypreleased his solo album under the name Rain Machine, and embarked on a coupleof brief tours, including a recent one with his friend from San Francisco,singer-songwriter, Jolie Holland. One would think the last thing they’d want todo during a break would be more recording and touring, but Kyp feltdifferently. He says, “I feel like every concentrated experience of makinga record, touring a record, and playing with different people, dealing withdifferent social dynamics potentially increases my musicianship and how Iunderstand music.”

8. TV On The Radio plan an extensive tour beginning just before therelease ofNine Types of Light. Theywill headline Radio City Music Hall in New York on April 13, the day after thealbum’s release.

The Movie of the Album:

Find out more @ http://www.tvontheradio.com/


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P.H. Fat – “Dinosaur Blood” [MUSIC]

The three-man Cape Town band released their first album “Dinosaur Blood” last week at Assembly’s album launch party Saturday night.  This electronic bass –rap style is hypnotic and the lyrics may cause you to think they watched too much Discovery channel.  Regardless of their influences, they have a unique sound and are worth checking out.  Mike, Narch and Disco first started performing in the Mother City at the end of 2008 and have played at several South African festivals.  Give their title track a listen…



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Closet Snare Announces New Album “Live At The Armchair Theatre” [Free Sample] – ILL Jazz Group

Closet Snare is a jazz band of madness and skill and ingenuity, comprised of some of South Africa’s finest young jazz talent.

The members are: Mr Sakitumi (you remember him from last week’s rather well-received free download – Machines and Keyboard), Kesivan Naidoo (Drums), Lee Thomson (Trumpet), Mark Buchanan (Electric Guitar/Sampler/Fretless 9-String Bass), Shane Cooper A.K.A. Card on Spokes (Electric Bass), and Krushed & Sorted’s The Grrrl (Visuals and Textures).

They’ve all been to Europe and played at impressive festivals like North Sea (Netherlands), Montreal Jazz Festival and Chilemontana Jazz Fest and all that.

And now they’re dropping their debut album entitled “Live At The Armchair Theatre”. And frankly, we’re not sure how much more dope a jazz album can get.



The “Live At The Armchair Theatre” CD drops officially on 17 November and you can’t get it anywhere until then. But you can pre-order it right now exclusively from the African Dope Store.

Only ZAR 100.00 (about $15), excl.P&P. And as a special bonus, if you pre-order the CD from us now, we’ll send you a copy of the full album on mp3 to enjoy while you wait 🙂



Click the link to instantly download a free bonus track of some crazy, ballsy jazz from Closet Snare!

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons

Check out some of these visuals and sounds at one of their live shows. These guys r dirty!


African Dope Records Presents: Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies” [Free Download]

Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies”

Right-click Link, then ‘Save link as’ to get your free track, it’s a taster of his upcoming debut album (which will be available in the African Dope Store in good time 🙂

If you don’t know Mr.Sakitumi, here’s the name drop 🙂

Mr. Sakitumi has played a whole-wide-world of instruments, (from drums, through guitar, past double-bass, and far beyond) in some of the most reputable acts in South Africa, including Krushed & Sorted, Max Normal, LARK, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, Battery 9, Closet Snare, Godessa, Gazelle and Teba. He’s played at festivals like: Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (Netherlands), Face fest (Finland) and Oppikoppi (South Africa).  Basically.. He’s the sh*t 🙂

His music is in the style of beats and breaks, having been influenced by the likes of Ninja Tune, DJ Krush, Bonobo, RJD2 and DJ Shadow. The man recently returned from a European tour alongside EJ von Lyrik, and he’s planning another one for next August.

We’ll let you know the progress on the full album, till then, if you need evidence of the extent of his mad, mad skillys; make sure to check out this video of the man himself performing his track “Franklinstein”.

African Dope Records

Mr. Sakitumi is the shit! Holy shit! What instrument doesn’t he play? Representing Cape Town, South Africa to the fullest!


Euforquestra Live [VIDEO]

New Album Soup Available for Free Download Here.

Euforquestra – Melody Truck


Album Review: Josh Heinrichs and Friends – Reggae – A+

Josh Heinrichs ft. Cas Haley – “Pressure Drop”

Josh Heinrichs is a Reggae sensation out of Springfield, Missouri. Formerly lead singer of the band Jah Roots, Josh has just released a new solo album titled Josh Heinrich and Friends.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy and I’ve got to tell you, this is one of the best reggae albums I’ve heard all year, and I’ve heard quite a few.

The music is laid back and will almost magically make you feel good the second you put it on..all of it! The skill on guitar is also a perfect additon. Josh’s voice carries the music to new heights however. You’ve got to hear him to know what I mean. His lyrics and style are full of soul, and it is felt.

Josh Heinrichs and Friends features a number of other artists such as Cas Haley, Katchafire, The Green, Clear Conscience, Aston “Familyman” Barrett of Bob Marley and the Wailers and more! The album has debuted at #5 on iTunes Top Selling 200 Reggae Albums and has not left the Top 200 since its release.

In short, if you digg great vibes and great music, this album is a perfect pick that won’t disappoint. I HIGHLY recommend it. A+

Check it out Here for Free: BandCamp

And if you like it, show some love on iTunes

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play, LLC

The Further Room Band Review

The Further Room – “Persephone”

The Further Room is an amazing Alternative/Fusion/Pop band out of Columbia, South Carolina. The band consists of:

Adam Palmer – Vocals, guitar

Barrett Self – Vocals, guitar, piano

Matt Lewis – Drums

Lizbet Kloot – Violin

Mike Shirk – Bass

Their sound is an awesome amalgamation of different styles that pulls you right in. With meaningful lyrics and amazing voices, Adam Palmer and Barrett Self will make you a fan for a long time to come.

As described on their Myspace: If One Republic and Snow Patrol had a 9 pound, 5 ounce autistic… I’m sorry…. aRtistic baby, we’re what would be delivered.

They kind of remind me of one of my favorite bands, Temple Scene, without as much of the electronic stuff. I really love how they bring the violin in there and the acoustic stuff is awesome! All in all these guys are dirty, and I highly recommend giving them a listen.

The Further Room’s debut album, Needful Things is on iTunes now.

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play, LLC


Strive Roots Band Review

Strive Roots – Communicate – Bioresonance Therapy
Strive Roots – Hip Funk n Roots – Bioresonance Therapy
Eli Lieberman, currently out of Bend, Oregon is the mastermind behind what is Strive Roots. Strive Roots is not something that can be easily defined or confined.

In terms of the music, it’s a kind of beautiful reggae / metal / drum n bass / other infusion with an awesome vibe. Strive Roots is usually a trio consisting of lead guitar(Eli), bass guitar and drums. Eli’s talent on guitar takes center stage, but he also works with some very talented band members, who vary depending on where he is.

I can’t wait to release the film we got of Eli at the THC Music Fest. Eli shreds! He does something with his guitar that I’ve never seen any other human being do ever, and I have no idea how the f**k he does it either(supposedly no one does). I won’t tell you what it is, just look forward to that video hopefully in the next couple weeks.

In terms of the lyrics, the tone and the voice of the music, Strive Roots is more like the reflection of a collection of truths floating out in space somewhere, often not found. Continue reading