Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

A Public Betrayal – Progressive / Rock

A Public Betrayal was one of the first bands signed up to Music Without Labels to show their support and interest in the Beat-Play Community and upcoming Beatplay.com music tool. They bring a new edge to progressive rock with very catchy verses followed by smooth transitioning guitar solos. They are definitely one of the new up and coming stars in the Harrisburg, Pa music scene, with a much growing potential. Here is the song “Monster 2” which we’ve constructed into a video format for your listening/viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

Here is more information about the band and their continued success in their own words:

In the wake of a successful run with the highly acclaimed progressive tech rock band, Utopian Skyline, Aaron Miller began his next musical adventure with some familiar faces of his past. He first called up bass guitar extraordinaire, Dan Lucas, with ideas to start a band to end all limits. The two’s previous history in the national touring acts, Sceva and The Midnight Drive, gave the duo an intensity of extreme resonance and preference in eachothers’ songwriting. Miller recalled his most loyal appreciative, Danny Eckrich, to bring his guitar playing abilities to the mix. Eckrich and Miller have a unique mixture of progressive, punk and sometimes even pop sounding elements. Chad Adams, former keyboardist of regional heavy-hitters: Hierosonic, left his band to play his true instrument of heart, the drums. Thus, completing the next band to invade the airwaves all across the nation.

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