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Wow, the comments..

Thought this was pretty funny so I’m sharing.

Some comments from MusicThinkTank.com from one of my recent posts Music’s Silent Salary Cap:

“I feel really, really stupid for having read this.

What does ANY of this have to do with a “Salary Cap” for artists. This is the exact same article you always post here, with a different title. I am literally punching myself in the head for having read this.

Hopefully that image brings you some joy today.”

“Yep. A frustrating waste of 5 minutes.

MTT is getting a little off course of late.”

“Maybe everything has been said and it’s time for folk to just get on with it.
I hear a lot of “this will change the world” and very little “this has changed the world”.
The majority of artists must know the score by now and if they don’t, well…………” Continue reading

Metal Dads Are Awesome – Hilarious Vid

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Piano Chord Interactive Visualizer

This thing is awesome

Excerpt from my Book-in-progress – The Technological Garden Is Growing: Marketing In The Data Capture Era

This is an excerpt from a short book I’m working on right now called The Technological Garden Is Growing: Marketing In The Data Capture Era. It talks about how online technologies are evolving, and the impact that will have on marketing and a host of other areas in our every day lives. I walk through what’s wrong with current models today, what will change, and the results these changes will have. It will be a great guide to get people on the right track for when it comes to marketing in this new emerging technological environment, and trust me, it’s right around the corner. This excerpt is from the end of section/chapter 2:

I haven’t even talked at all yet about Beat-Play, the website I’m working on right now, which is basically the first step to creating this model. Beat-play is a music social network where you will have a radio that finally utilizes your existing network to recommend songs to you. I’m an indie artist too, and I needed a better promotion method myself, hence where all of this stems from.
Basically on Beat-Play, to find music, you follow people who you share a taste in music with. It could be your friends, your family, favorite artists, teachers, heroes, or whoever else offers their playlists to you. Once you follow them, if they like a song enough to save into one of their playlists, it automatically gets sent to your radio, with you having a number of options for how to sort the music that gets played. Also, if you like a song enough to save to your playlist, it automatically gets sent to anyone following you. Not only does this mean that all of the music you hear is approved by someone that you trust first, and that it’s suggested for you automatically without wasting any time searching, but for the artists that deserve your attention, it’s an incredibly effective form of free promotion and distribution for their music. Now I hope you can see where I’m going when I say the future of marketing.
Think of a world where when you type in a search, the results are already filtered by people for you, to get you the most specific results for what you’re looking for, and fast. Imagine a world where no time would need to be spent rooting through piles of content online, and the countless hours that would be saved. Not only that, think about that time being used to intake information. The learning process throughout life overall would become extremely accelerated. For anyone wanting to market a product, the playing field would then be completely leveled as well, being that social recommendation is essentially automatic word of mouth, leaving room for only the best products to rise to the top, and the worst products to be phased out. All of a sudden knowing the right people and having the biggest budget aren’t defining factors of a company’s success, and competition would finally demand innovation.

I will have this book available online for free some time this August. Check back for an exact date.

Written by: Dante Cullari  Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC