Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Free Beats

Interesting Method of Guitar Playing

It just goes to show that when you aren’t shown how to do something by everyone, you do it which ever way makes the most sense. This Batswana man has quite a different way of playing the guitar, that’s for sure.

Guitar Mode Charts – The Guitar Suite

Ionian mode: C D E F G A B
Dorian mode: D E F G A B C
Phrygian mode: E F G A B C D
Lydian mode: F G A B C D E
Mixolydian mode: G A B C D E F
Aeolian (minor) mode: A B C D E F G
Locrian mode: B C D E F G A

Click for Charts

Behind Daft Punk’s “Pyramid” – SICK setup

It takes 10 other people to run everything, plus Daft Punk. This is probably the sickest set up I’ve ever seen. A super computer? Really?

So Addicting – The SiON SoundObject

Gotta love online sound modulators!