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Violinist Emily Wells – Barrel of A Gun

Te’ V. Smith

Te’ V. Smith is a very inspirational poet, bringing his poetry to the rhythm of African drums. Here he explains his career as a writer and the creation of his song, “Decline of The Diaspora”

Inspired by a brief studio writing series with the rock group Left Of Eden I found myself havin written more songs than the project required. With encouragement from the lead singer Matty Moe I began writing enough to form a short EP for entitled RUIN & RESTORATION with the single Decline Of The Diaspora.
The freedom and humility I experienced learning the texture and voicing of this style allowed me to see more of the intensity in my writing and to the surprise of my poetry I realized that I am indeed a rocker as well.

Artists Project Earth – APE

These guys are really cool. I found out about them from an artist on MWL that may actually get some sponsorship from them for an eco tour across the US in an eco van. Look out for more on that. For now, check out APE:

APE’s Vision:

Through music and the arts, APE aims to achieve permanent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to levels that minimise further degradation of ecological systems and human livelihood.

APE recruits internationally known musicians and artists through albums, concerts, art exhibitions and art related projects to raise awareness of climate change and funds for campaigns and disaster relief.

Axis of Awesome – 4 Four Chord Instant Hit – Hilarious and Kinda Sad

7 Deadly Sins of Playing a Live Show – Guitarists

1. Noodling Between Tunes
There’s no good reason to be playing little licks and riffs between songs. It’s unprofessional and annoys bandmates who are ready to go. Plus, you steal the thunder from a song when you reveal part of it beforehand. The audience shouldn’t even have to hear you tune.

2. Not Pacing The Set List
Like a full-length CD (remember CD’s?), a good set is sequenced carefully. Consider how song order will affect the flow of mood and energy in your performance, and work out a few segues so you won’t have to interrupt that flow. Be ready to make changes as you read the audience, too — but don’t pull out the big guns early if you want to go out with a bang.

Continued at Source: The Punch-In – insight and inspiration for guitarists

Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer – the first human synth – Sick Live Performance

Probably the hottest instrument I’ve ever seen..

Man Plays Guitar with Mouth

This man joins in on a guitar solo, except for the fact that he is missing a guitar… You gotta hear this!!! AMAZING