Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

The Charleston to Daft Punk

Synched almost perfectly with Daft Punk’s “Around the World”

Amazing Drummer

Adam Gray from Texas In July messin’ around on his set.

Put Your Music in A Cloud: MP3tunes

MP3tunes is a tool that allows you to gather your music from all of your computer’s files and online music stores, then placing them into a “Cloud” where the music can be streamed anywhere through the internet. This is a pretty cool idea because it makes your music much more accessible, but they only currently have 500,000 users. Which is really only showing us how many people are not using most online music stores, such as itunes and amazon MP3. This site would be much more interesting if it could find a way to harness other streaming sites amongst their own network to be played amongst the devices it already connects with. So far the mp3tunes service connects 8 online digital music stores to all Apple and Google smartphones along with some internet radios.

By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC